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Chrono Trigger - Wind Scene Orchestra

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I had a busy week, but finally got around to an orchestratoin. This time It's 'Wind Scene' from Chrono Trigger. It's far more piano-ey than the original with some orchestra backing it up a little.

| SoundCloud

As per normal, any criticism/opinions/feedback on the realism (or the mastering/mix) is welcome so that I can improve my future pieces.

I wasn't happy with the strings, though this kind of lyrical passage is always a bit hard to write. Other than that I'm pretty happy with it.

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Oooooooooooo, right in the feels. This is excellent.

I can't say too much about the realism aspect since I have no expertise at that, but I'd say you pulled it off very well. As for the orchestration, I thought the B section was a very nice blend of being piano-driven yet keeping all of the other elements involved without bogging the piece down. Strings sounded great to me, but I haven't delved into the world of orchestra reproduction in a DAW, so take that as you please.

My only complaint is it's TOO SHORT; I WANT MOAR!

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Ah, yes, you posted the Gremlins 2 remix a short while back... I recognized your sound immediately when the strings swelled into the mix. This is really top-quality orchestral production, way beyond my ability to lend a helpful ear. My ear isn't as trained as those of the forum moderators and judges of OCR, but I can tell you that your production sounds nearly flawless as far as I'm able to discern.

In terms of song structure, it's a little conservative, but you more than make up for this with the beautiful counter-melodies you skillfully trade off between sections of the orchestra. The length is also a bit short for my liking, though even if you stretched it out to 4-5 minutes, I'm sure I'd still be left wanting more. I guess with video game source music being as short as it tends to be, you might consider revisiting the song structure after all in order to get more length out of the song without going into loops and repetition.

Brilliant work, again. All I can say is, keep it up.

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I agree it suffers from my usual deal of being a bit short - I've actually released a piece today I'm about to post that is shorter, but that's just the way it goes sometimes :( I'd love to have larger chunks of spare time to work on longer things. With the kind of workflow I have, and the way I compose I tend to never finish things if I stop and start on them, so I only ever really have 2-3 hours to cram composing into.

Thanks crypto - I agree it's quite conservative. With my remixes I tend to either go all out and completely change things like with my Metroid Brinster theme, or I stay quite true to the original and add a lot of counter/underlying melodies like with this. Awesome to hear you spotted all the work underneath :D

Small internet indeed, especially when it comes to video game remixes, ultraconsole. Glad you like my stuff. Music wise I started when I was younger, just making really bad remixes and covers of crappy pop songs and the odd video game here and there. Just years and years of making mediocre poop and learning as I went along. Still learning tons, I tend to listen to my favourite composers and figure out how they got specific moods or techniques - sort of like reverse engineering of music. The orchestration stuff didn't start till later - a few years back. I got involved in the development of sample libraries for companies such as Spitfire, Cinesamples, etc. and started writing orchestrations just to test software I was working on (this piece itself was actually to test something I'm developing at the moment). I started out with a few Sonic orchestrations here and there, and it's just grown to almost 150 odd pieces now with a few more added each week :D

Anyways - thanks everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed!

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