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    I create sample libraries and VSTs that used by some of the top composers in Hollywood. I've been involved in many large projects such as Spitfire's Albion I/II & Percussion, Cinesamples's CineBrass Core/Pro and many more. Chances are if you make orchestral music, you've used something I've engineered.
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    Blake Robinson
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    Sample developer and composer
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  1. Thanks everyone for the kind words! Glad you're liking the album!
  2. Hello! A lot of the time I release my orchestrations and covers for free on my YouTube channel, but occasionally I love to dedicate considerable time/effort/resources into big projects. A few months back I released Super Metroid Symphony and its success meant that I could spend May working on another big project! Banjo-Kazooie Symphony is a 72 minute long, 30 track orchestral album dedicated to the work of Grant Kirkhope on Rare's amazing Banjo-Kazooie soundtrack. It orchestrates much of the music from the original game, remaining faithful to the source material while hopefully adding a little of my style to the pieces. A full preview of the album is available over on Soundcloud and the album itself is available now from the (Loudr store) or iTunes. It's licensed so that it's completely legit/legal and the copyright owners are compensated. You can also find out more info and listen to previews over on the project's site - banjosymphony.com
  3. Hey hey! Most of the time I release my orchestrations and covers on my YouTube channel, but occasionally I love to be able to throw considerable time/effort/resources into a big project. Today is Super Metroid's (Japanese) birthday and to coincide my new album 'Super Metroid Symphony' has been released! Every second of music from the original game has been recreated using an ultra-realistic, virtual orchestra and the latest audio software. The album contains and hour of music spanning 30 tracks and tries to remain mostly faithful to Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano's original score. It's available now from the Loudr store (http://www.loudr.fm/release/super-metroid-symphony/v45xt). It's licensed so that it's completely legit and the copyright owners are compensated. You can also find out more info and listen to previews over on the project's site - metroidorchestra.com
  4. Thanks for the kind words! I'd love to have the chance to have this recorded live to see how it sounds - perhaps an idea for a project I've got in mind for later this year ;D I agree, Guifrog, on doing better - this piece was made over a year ago and I think I've come a long way since then. You can sort my stuff by date over on my all-in-one-site to check out my more recent music Clairval - If the artifact is what I think you're meaning, those are Violin pizzicatos that stick out a little bit because of their pitch. You would expect those in a live performance too though for Hollywood style scores they'd possibly be smoothed out post process. I like to keep my orchestrations a little loose and raw.
  5. Thanks Crypo, glad you liked! Glad to hear the choir and percussion are sitting better - listening back today and being less critical I'm happier with how it sounds. That is indeed my stage noise library at the end. It is a great track to start with, I think one of my favourites from WW. Glad I was able to get it sounding realistic
  6. Its been a while since I posted a video game piece - I've been working on an epic Super Metroid project lately so not had as much time to wiggle out video game orchestrations as I'd have liked. This one's Hyrule Castle from Zelda Wind Waker.I kept fairly faithful to the original. | SoundCloudThis was a bit of an experiment with some techniques learnt lately and recently recorded samples - also an attempt to overdub real choir with samples (not completely happy with the results, but oh well). The brass in the crescendo was also a bit hard to tame but I think until I have my new bits and bobs recorded it's something I'll have to work around. As always, any feedback or criticism (particularly on the realism element) is really appreciated muchly!
  7. Thanks David! I think my new years resolution this year will be to make slightly longer orchestrations though so that I get less 'Please make it longer' comments
  8. Thanks for the kind words from everyone - glad you're enjoying it! The Terraria one was pretty fun to write - they all were actually. Kirby and Zelda were really awesome to do too (there's a Behind the scenes on the Zelda one and I'll be posting more of these as the days go by). My personal favourite hasn't been posted yet but I also really liked doing the Max Payne piece. It was fun to play around giving it a Christmassy feel.
  9. Hey guys, I think a few people from here have watched and commented on some of the entries so far, but I figured I would post here properly (hope that's okay). Since December 1st I've been running the 'Synthetic Orchestra Christmas Calendar'. It's an advent Calendar with 24 doors to open, but instead of yummy chocolates behind each one there's a tasty Christmas video-game orchestration. You can open the doors over on the website for the full experience (http://syntheticorchestra.com/calendar) or follow me on YouTube if you're on there (http://youtube.com/dummeh). A new piece of music behind each door is being posted 00:00 GMT each day until December 25th. Hope you enjoy!
  10. Thanks crypto. The hiss comes from my fake stage noise recording - I think I may have amped it up a bit too much on that release. I think I may not have rendered it down to full volume - oops!. The xylophone's tricky because there's such a difference in volume between soft and hard dynamics. Listening back, the strings in general feel a little too loud now compared to the rest of the mix. I'll definitely keep that in mind using Loegria next time. The stage noise extras is an odd one. Little chair creeks and page turns really add realism, though as you said in a scoring stage they would retake. Gives it a slight live-playing feel. That stuff is actually my own freebie 'Shhhhh' mini library thing. Adds random creaks, breathes, page turns, etc. Thanks again for taking the time to listen and give feedback. I always find it really helpful!
  11. I've been busy working on stuff that pays my bills (and also started a Christmas project!) but I tackled an orchestration of Deus Ex's Credit theme. It's mostly improvised as the original needed quite a bit of changing for orchestra | SoundCloudAny feedback on the mix or realism would be much appreciated! Although I consider it finished I always use the feedback people give here when I work on future pieces
  12. This is my orchestration of the main theme from the indie game Lone Survivor. I wanted to give it a more orchestral feel than the original while keeping the mood. | SoundCloudAny comments or crits on the realism or mix would be appreciated. I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out. There's some bits in there that sound a bit dodgy (I don't like the flute, listening back) but mostly just sample limitations.
  13. I worked on a little orchestration of the Danny Baranowsky's awesome Super Meat Boy theme to test out some things I was developing the other day. I figured I'd share it here to get some feedback. | SoundCloudThe original piece is actually really short so a lot of this is improvised as I went along. As usual, any feedback on the realism and mix would be appreciated. The only thing I think I'm not completely happy with is the Violin strings in the background - just something about the that's not quite right.
  14. Thanks guys. There is some heavy Star Wars vibes in the track too - It's kinda of halfway between Star Trek and Star Wars. I wonder if that was intentional by Dave Govett. Thanks ebuch - the strings in this piece in general were quite hard to write so hopefully they're not too bad overall.
  15. Thanks guys, really appreciate the kind words. It was roughly two hours work, Spi.der.men. An hour and half orchestrating/creating the music and then half hour on the graphics/video/uploading/etc.
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