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Splatterhouse - The Saint Comes Marching In [Symphonic Metal Arrangement]


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Not sure why this does not have any comments yet, but allow me to be the first!

0:01 - Your intro is epic. Organ and Guitar sound fantastic.

0:46 - Sometimes I feel like your bass is a bit overpowering, or doesn't blend quite as well as I'd like - I'm listening on headphones, for the record.

1:12 - The overall blend of sounds is pretty tight. I like the flow of things.

1:18 - This is definitely the highlight of the track for me, this section is played wonderfully. Hauntingly good and captures the essence of the original really well!

1:32 - Now this needs a bit more work, It's a good transition, but your drum in the background sounds super muted and in the background, and the strings that come in just kinda feel off. I'd work at trying to get this little transition to blend better.

2:04 - Awesome ending.

Overall, this is a really solid track. The playing is tight, and the arrangement is great and that part at 1:18 is just freakin' awesome. I always felt like there was something off about your bass, maybe a bit too strong. I'd love to see that standout section extended a bit for a slick guitar solo or something like that, but all things considered, this is great. Nice work dude~

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Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your comment :)

Thank you for the suggestions too, I've not studio headphones/speakers, I use mid-budget headphones, so I can't hear everything perfectly.

About comments: I don't know why noone see/comment my videos (I'm talking about youtube, not this forum), I really put myself in doing this arrangements, mixing, video etc. Anyway Thanks again :)

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