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Rules for Posting in Projects


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Site Projects - Rules for Posting

Last updated: December 25, 2005

The primary function of the Site Projects forum is for community members to organize their collaborative efforts. Each project has only one dedicated thread; as a result, threads in this forum grow very quickly because of all the discussion going on. Sometimes these posts turn out to be fluff: posts that don't really have to do with the project.

If you're a part of a project, or even just a spectator, please keep the following rules in mind when posting.

Don't go off-topic.

Project threads have a very specific purpose. They're for organization; a home-base where all members can check-in and keep track of deadlines, announcements, and news pertaining to the project. Off-topic posts don't contribute to the project in any real way.

Volunteer to help out.

Project Coordinators are always looking for help with stuff like website design, hosting, art, etc. If you can offer your services, go ahead and offer them, but don't get mad if a coordinator declines your offer. They're in charge, and they call the shots.

Provide constructive criticism.

No project is perfect, but providing people with helpful feedback can help us get close.

Don't badger project coordinators or project members for release dates.

Projects will be finished when they are finished. Constantly asking "when is the album coming out?" is annoying, and most of the time, coordinators can't give you an accurate answer anyway. The key is to be patient.

Don't talk about your personal life unless it directly affects your participation in a project.

These threads aren't community threads. It's understandable that in the course of doing a project, you'll make lots of friends, but Site Projects isn't really the place to discuss your personal life. There are plenty of sites on the internet where you can write about that.

Don't insult people/curse people off.

Tempers will flare in the course of working with others; this is a given. The important thing to remember is that if you get mad, you don't have to hit that reply button right away. Take some time to cool down and think about how you can respond civilly.

These are the basic rules you should keep in mind when posting in Site Projects. Remember, these threads are organization threads, not community threads, so always try to keep idle chatter to a minimum. You can still have fun, just so long as you don't derail and diverge.

Lastly, these rules apply to all of us: regular posters, project members, project coordinators, and OCR moderators. All of us; that means me too. ;)

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