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RECRUITING: Looking for Gamer / Composers for Doctoral Research Project. Participate FOR SCIENCE!!

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Hi Everyone,

my name is Paul Levasseur and I am currently pursuing a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Music Composition at the University of Toronto. I am also a gamer and I have contributed to OCReMiX in the past. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01737/ When I was in my early 20s I would spend hours playing videogames and the music became a part of me. I found myself coming up with RPG-esque melodies and I began to try to turn them into music tracks. During my undergrad, I happened to take a music appreciation course which totally changed my life direction, sending me into music school, but it was VGM that started it all.

Part of my degree requirement is to devote year three to a research project and I thought that videogame music would be the perfect topic. I'm particularly interested in how videogame music ignites the fires of creativity in gamers, just as it did for me, and how the original compositions YOU create are influenced by the Videogame Composer giants such as Uematsu, Mitsuda, etc. In short, I am wanting to determine how VGM has made you want to be a composer, and I'm doing this for science!


If you consider yourself a gamer and play more than 20 hours of videogames a week or have played games for 20+ hours per week in the past and you write original music, then I want to hear from you. I'm particularly interested in gamers who were driven to compose because VGM is so awesome.

You must be age 18 or older to participate.


If you wish to participate in this study do not respond in this thread. Instead please PM me with the words 'Research Project' in the subject line and I will respond with a brief Questionairre which will determine your eligibility to participate in this study. If you qualify, I'll send you a brief Survey through surveymonkey (which includes an 'Informed Consent' document) that you can fill out if you wish to participate following the initial application process. I will also send the Informed Consent Document via PM so that you have a copy on hand. Feel free to print it. The 'Informed Consent' will provide you with important contact information and it will make you aware of the rights you have while participating in this study. Please only answer the questions that you are comfortable answering. You can leave any other questions blank.

**Note** you will not be asked to provide any personally identifiable information and you can choose to be referred to by your name, internet handle, or to remain anonymous. (No pun intended). Since the survey only deals with information that pertains to your listening experiences with VGM, all statistical information will be general.

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