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Super Mario 64 Flight Cap Remix


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Dang.... this is cool. It's mellow and understated, yet creative and bold! Like a good...um....cake.... or coffee.... or something.

Finally someone else who acknowledges the sheer awesomeness that is those accompaniment chords to the Starman theme. If it wasn't for Sticker Star I would think Nintendo had some kind of secret plan to never use that expanded version of the song ever again. :lol:

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The EP sounds fake. Take the time to find a better sample. Good chords though. Nice pulse bass.

The drums are kinda interesting, but it doesn't seem like they fit the sound you're going for with the other instruments. It sounds like you're mixing Roland-TR (hip hop), dance, and breakbeat samples with an acoustic-esque set of instruments.

Good ideas, but check that your instruments are cohesive.

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