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DJ Nerd42 & Mega Ran - "White Materia" Final Fantasy 7 mashup concept album coming 1-31-2013!


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DJ Nerd42, Random Beats Productions & Get Some! Records presents:

White Materia

A Final Fantasy VII Hip Hop Mashup Concept Album / Mixtape

By DJ Nerd42 featuring Random A.K.A. Mega Ran

nerd42.net - megaran.com - getsomerecords.com

FREE download available on 1-31-2013.

In 2011. Mega Ran dropped “Black Materia” with beats by Lost Perception and lyrics that told the epic story of Cloud Strife and his AVALANCHE allies battling the evil Shinra Inc. and Sephiroth from the classic 1997 role-playing game, “Final Fantasy VII.” In 2012, it was followed up with, “Black Materia: The Remixes” with even more original awesomeness featuring many guest appearances from all over the nerdcore hip hop scene. Now, in 2013, you get to hear the same crap that’s been recycled at this point about three times, cause we just can’t let it go!! Hooray! :D

From the accomplished mashup artist who brought you the video game hip hop concept albums, “Chrono Tied” & “Deltron 3742” comes his most ambitious project yet. Unlike the previous game-soundtrack-centric releases, the “White Materia” mixtape combines the “Black Materia” vocals with 19 beats both old and new, selected from among DJ Nerd42’s favorites with only one criteria: being awesome. Grab it on January 31st, 2013!



  1. Prelude to Final Fantasy (DJ Nerd42 Remix ft Mega Ran)
  2. Cloud Loses Himself (Mega Ran vs Eminem)
  3. AVALANCHE Made It (Mega Ran vs Busta Rhymes ft Linkin Park)
  4. Tifa of Nibelheim (Mega Ran vs Fort Minor)
  5. Sweet Child of Mako (Mega Ran vs Guns n Roses)
    (beat by Fort Minor)
  6. Aerith in Starlight (Mega Ran vs Alan Parsons Project)
    (beat by Snowgoons)
  7. Feel Like Don of the Slums (Mega Ran vs Fort Minor) ft Storyville, kHill and Sulfur
  8. Turks in Black (Dale Chase vs Will Smith)
  9. Shinra Says (Mega Ran vs Pharoahe Monch) ft Juice Lee and Ilyas
  10. Alpha XIII (The Ranger vs Mars ILL)
  11. On That Voyage 5 Years Ago (Mega Ran vs Daft Punk)
  12. Ninja Gold Digger (Mega Ran vs Weird Al Yankovic)
    (beat by DJ Nerd42)
  13. Cookie Sith (Adam Warrock vs Sesame Street)
    (beat by Crookie Monster)
  14. Punk Valentine (RoQy TyRaiD vs Daft Punk)
    (beat by Pace Won & Mr. Green)
  15. Cid Flies Away (Phil Harmonic vs Lenny Kravitz)
  16. Absolution (Mega Ran vs Mars ILL) ft Maja
  17. Sphere of Final Fantasy (Mega Ran vs Mars ILL) ft Ilyas and Juice Lee
  18. Birth of Numb (Mega Ran vs DJ Zap) ft Pennywise and Devastate
    (samples “Numb-Encore” by Linkin Park)
  19. Pts of Sephiroth (Mega Ran vs Linkin Park) ft Storyville
    (beat from DJ Hero 2 DLC)

Special thanks to blackmage_nuke for help with artwork.

Also mad props to Mega Ran & Lost Perception for their patience in helping get every last little piece of this puzzle together. BUY THEIR ALBUMS & SHIRTS!!

DJ Nerd42 is putting together more nerdcore hip hop mashups in future! If you are an artist who would like to be featured on a future DJ Nerd42 release, email nerd42@gmail.com with your full songs and vocal tracks!

Also coming soon: a second disc of leftover extra bonus crap from White Materia & Deltron 3742!!

Look out sometime later this year for DJ Nerd42’s French House mashup project, “Daft Side of the Moon”!

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