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  1. Might tinker with this one. Finally logged in to check the compos at the start of a round. Cool that mnp has a longer remix time now. I remember the old days of trying to cram PRC, MNP and Mixing with the Stars. Back when i was any good at music . Lol
  2. Nooooooo, this is what i get for falling out of the loop. I love this game but i doubt i can compose a banger of this tune in like 12 hours
  3. There is no such thing as cheating here! Well, until IBM watson can be sourced to make the whole thing for you.
  4. Ooooh, feeling this one. Could this be the round I return to remixing?!
  5. dang! I just saw this, the deadline was 2 hours ago.
  6. dang, every time im free to remix its past the deadlines haha
  7. I got cornered in the safety deposit room by TWO lickers. I figured I could book it to the west office, not knowing Mr. X was standing in the doorway, got knocked on my back by him, into the hallway full of lickers. Somehow i got right the hell out of there and survived. Most terrifying scenerio ive ever experienced in a game.
  8. This is such a classic track. so many hours spent editing stupid replay videos that nobody ever saw. what city was this, chicago? Too bad Gta stole all of driver's thunder.
  9. I really like how upbeat this is. Hopefully I can get past my remixers block.
  10. I think its just that theres essentially two copies of the melody. Theres four channels playing the melody and three playing the harmony. Three of the melody channels play nicely together, but the fourth is just the other three stacked into one channel and played off time so it sounds funny. This longer remixing period is definitely nice. I always start a mix and then get distracted and before i know it im two days away from the sub time with no ideas.
  11. Im interested, but Im not sure who to pick because I'm a megaman NUB.
  12. Im just terrible at remixing now. I often miss my early days on ocr when i tried to do almost every one of these.
  13. I think a reset of the list would be a good idea. just my 2 cents
  14. Was gonna make a bonus mix but Im busy trying to get a job.
  15. Smooth stuff here. Ive never heard this but i love this tune
  16. I feel bad, i always loosely commit to these and end up with a crap half finished mix that i dont want to post.
  17. gosh, what a dry run lately. Where are all the PRC fellows?
  18. thanks! This one was all in the bass. so much fun! Does this mean i get the wooden spoon for being the only sub (an unfinished track) and being late?
  19. still managed to miss the deadline but whatever. enjoy fellows!
  20. Guess i managed to screw up the deadline, but ill post my unfinished WIP here just for the lulz, and so Chalis gets to hear more takes on the source!
  21. Deadline in 8 minutes. Ive got something cooking, but will there be an extension?
  22. And its available for Macs now too, about time!
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