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WIP Music for 2D RPG


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Hello theeere. I've done some composing for a little more than a year now, and about two months ago I was asked to make the music for a 2D RPG game in progress by a guy in college having it as a side project. It's kind of old-school so I figured I'd want it to have that feel while being at least a little original, I guess.

So I thought I'd show the community here what I've done so far, and I really want to make a good job with this being the first time my music will be used for something :), even though I'm doing this as a volunteer. All songs are Work In Progress of course since I have quite a lot of time before it's supposed to be finished, and I might also remove songs along the way and what not. OH WELL, Feedback is very much appreciated :D



(Maybe a little overkill with the amount of text)

Oh, and I'm self taught.

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Thanks for the reply :D

A story outline is readable through google docs, and I haven't really read much to be honest so maybe I should get to it... What I do know is the main plot; a guys father went missing at young age and he now sets of to find him. I kinda don't want true 8-bit, but more like that it should resemble it, and at the same time feel a little original, but I agree with you.

I'll post a link to the story outline if someone would like to read a little :)


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