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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (PS3) Discussion Thread


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The thing with JRPGs is they don't really pick up until you're ten hours in. Look at Tales of Graces: if you don't get through the awful-as-balls kids sequence that lasts for the first few hours of the game, you won't see any of the real game, and it's still another five or so hours before you have any plot hooks and characters to deliver them.

You need to stick with Ni No Kuni until you get your second party member, and then things pick up. Drippy is always annoying and explaining things to you like you're a total moron, though. There's a lot of hand-holding in the game, which is a shame because it's not exactly difficult.

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I am just getting started with this game and have really enjoyed it so far - the pacing, music, visual style, and overall experience has been great, and I look forward to getting more into it. I found some of the name changing choices were a little odd, like changing Oliver's friend's name from Mark in Japanese to Phil in English, though nothing that affects the experience.

One thing that has kind of annoyed me, though, is the counterattack system; not game-breaking or anything, and maybe it is just me, but its timing just does not seem to work. By the time the visual indicator comes up, it seems like it is already too late to select attack and get the counter. Has anyone else had better luck using counterattack?

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