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Lufia 1 Intro remix - "Fever Dream"


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Wow ecto, you sure do an awesome job given the FL limitations, I am just as impressed with this one as with "Slut." Awesome soundscape! I would have liked a little more lead writing throughout, although that solo at the end utterly rocks. Nice work! :)

I like this one a lot better actually. Still not 100% sold on the lead tone, but the writing is bitching. One progression really jumped out at me in a good way as well, and I'm a man who loves his uncommon progressions <3

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No source link, no source comment.

Intro is spectacular. Not that big a fan of the lead sound, nor the type of filtering on the drums (tho I do enjoy filtered drums), but it really builds well. Very low-heavy mixing. The actual leads get better, tho I'm not sure they're that good a fit (whereas that sound used as a lead in the intro has grown on me at this point).

You can hear the compressors letting up at the end, which shouldn't be so obvious. It's also a bit anticlimactic with the filtering foreshadowing a change, but I was expecting a new, bigger chorus rather than the end of the track. You can probably adjust the filtering and drop out an instrument or two for a more ending vibe there, if necessary.

Arrangement flows quite well, but can't comment on source usage without a source.


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