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Metal Gear Rising Soundtrack


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I loved MGR:R. It was short, but not disappointing short. Even if it was, the ending cutscene/battle would make up any shortcomings. Kinda sad I played it on normal instead of hard. I didn't listen too close to the music, but I'll keep it in mind on my second play through.

Jet Stream Sam. Man that's the coolest name.


I'm just about finished my second playthrough on hard difficulty now. Jetstream Sam is like...Ninja Gaiden level hard on this difficulty.

Even though the main story is short, the VR missions are actually challenging and fun. It's also fun to replay the levels and see if you can stealth kill everyone instead of hackin' them all to bits.

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So the games good? Is it as good as the MGS games?

The game is great. The only thing I don't like about it is the camera, but that's a staple of action games. The stealth aspect is still there, but nowhere near as complex and never mandatory as in MGS. The cardboard box returns as well.

The whole "blade mode" thing is impressive and fun. It's insane just how precise you can cut things and people. There are also some cool easter eggs experienced via cutting things. In one of the earlier missions, you can attack a cat, but it always flips away. There are also some cardboard cut-outs of models in the game. If you try to cut them in blade mode, their clothes fly off.

Relax, it doesn't leave them totally nude.

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I expected nothing less from Team Little Angels. These guys are badass. If you want more of their work however you'll need a Wii U because Bayonetta 2 is a console exclusive.

Bayonetta's original soundtrack is a tour de force through Sega's best music with a few original pieces of exceptional quality mixed in. Their take on Fly me To the Moon gave me fucking CHILLS. The Saxaphone play on the finale 'Lets Dance Boys is borderline sexual and trust me i don't use that phrase lightly. Someone DAMN good got on the Sax for that one. They've got an awesome formula and its nice to see them to apply it to a game with such high standards and win out....Is that Cat black? Because Bayonetta had a panther form in game one. ;)

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