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Final Fantasy VI - Wedding Duel


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Hello all,

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRggPOU8dEQ&t=2m32s

(and the recurring 3-note descending motif comes from this version, though I couldn't find that part in the original chiptune: http://youtu.be/XdjcwhyMQMc?t=3m40s)

ReMix: https://soundcloud.com/clesko/the-setzer-sonata-1

I wrote this piece for the Final Fantasy VI contest that just ended. I'm fairly new to the mixing side of things, so I was wondering if I could get some advice on that. Especially hoping someone can point me in the right direction for getting rid of the audio artifacts in the high part from 0'51" to 1'11". I used the free vst Piano One if that helps. It was mixed in Cubase with a little EQ, 24% mix reverb, and a stereo enhancer.

I'm open to suggestions regarding the arrangement too. I know the ending's a bit abrupt.

I appreciate your feedback!

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Updating remix link
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Ah, I've been waiting for days to comment on these recent FF6 pieces; I listened to them all immediately after they were posted but things got so busy last week at work...

I love the variety in this remix. It's so important with a solo piece, since you're working with a limited spectral range, or timbre. Nice performance all-around-- everything from tempo stretching to complete shifts in character are done well and keep things interesting. One of the things I like about solo piano (or solo anything really) is that it forces you to really make the instrument speak, to draw out expression and personality... and you do a good job of it here.

One thing I would suggest revisiting is the EQ or perhaps the sample itself. The lower range of the piano isn't resonating quite how I'm used to hearing it, and I can't quite pinpoint the cause. Actually, a song came on right after yours on soundcloud called "Break Blocks Original Mixtape" by Aivi Tran. No idea where it's from or anything, but it's a good example of the resonance I like to hear in the bass notes of the piano. Careful not to emulate the clipping from that neat little song though! =P

Interpretation and originality are strong in your song. And you've clearly got the chops to play it with the character a piece like this needs. So far so good!

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I see what you mean about the bass sounding off. I'll see what I can do about making it sound more like the real thing. Isn't that Aivi Tran piece cool? I found her last night through halc's soundcloud. That must be why it showed up for you. I'm glad you used the word resonance. It helped me to notice that overall my mix is spatially flat.

Thanks for the kind words and the good advice!

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