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"(Electro)Chemical" [Sonic 2 Chemical Plant Zone]


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Hey, all!

I've been working on this track for a little while now and feel it's ready for some feedback.

This is an Electro House remix of the stage music from Chemical Plant Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

I've recently improved my mixing and mastering ability a great deal, but still feel that this song could be improved.

Anything you guys can think of, let me know!

REMIX: https://soundcloud.com/cryogrid-records/dj-nyliss-electro-chemical


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Hey, welcome to OCR! I love hearing electro house remixes of this source - it's a perfect candidate for this genre.

As for your remix, it seems nice and cohesive as it is, although there are some issues I think you could improve upon. The synths seem a bit generic, and some of them are covered in a bit too much reverb and it's muddying things up a bit. The bass drum also sounds a bit far back in the mix. When the bass synth comes in (huge synth btw, nice), it needs a bit of space from the kick so you can really get the most out of it. Make sure the reverb is kept in check on the bass especially.

Your percussion could also use a bit more variation - there are some nice fills, but the overall beat is a simple bum-tss-cha-tss, so try and slap a loop on it or add a few more (subtle) hats to make it a bit more interesting.

Like I said, it's a decent mix, but you have the misfortune to be following in PrototypeRaptor's footsteps, so I use Chemixtrixx as a benchmark for my critiques on this one! Keep improving though, we can never have enough remixes of this source!

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Alright, I took the feedback I've received so far and incorporated it into an updated version.

For comparison, here's the initial version: https://soundcloud.com/cryogrid-records/dj-nyliss-electro-chemical

Here's the updated version: https://soundcloud.com/cryogrid-records/dj-nyliss-electro-chemical-v1

For those just joining us, here's the original Sonic 2 version:

EDIT: Corrected a problem with the sub-bass becoming much louder at slightly higher freqs. The audio file has been replaced on the most recent version.

Edited by DJNyliss
Notification of song change.
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