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Katamari Damacy: 'Katamari on the Rocks' (marching band) DONE!

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you can export as a wav in Finale 06.

Ha, I'm dumb. I found the option under Save Special.

I'll post a recording asap.

EDIT: http://steben.noplaceforatoaster.com/music/kotr.mp3

There you go. Unfortunately, it has more than its share of pops and crackles... I'm not sure how to fix the problem, but you can tell what it's supposed to sound like now.

EDIT EDIT: Okay, now it sounds better. Woo.

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Auburn University's basketball pep band played this last night, along with an arrangement of the Metal Mario theme I've done as well. They're going to play a shortened version of the Katamari theme as well as the Mario theme at basketball games. I'll try to get a recording sometime in the future.

Of course, if you want to hear the whole thing, you should get your marching band to perform it. ;)

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I havent read much of the thread at all.

Speaking from a composition point, its very straightforward, which is something I like.

In the middle there are some frills to it that seem a little over the top.

Its an advanced arrangement. I heard midi and I thought for a second it was going to be terrible. not the case.

I do not have access to a marching band, but this score has taken a lot of the work out of arranging this myself for T-ROOT.

I should have something put together soonish.

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As soon as you can, please. It would be a direct OCR post, I guarantee it.

Pretty old stuff. Hope this one isn't DOA, since it's been a long time anything's been updated.

Well, being performed live would be a plus, but the arrangement does seem really conservative, as indicated in the first post. Depends how well the overall execution is personalized.

Doing a cover is cool, and it'll be well received no matter what. But as far as OCR's standards on interpretation, I'm not feeling how most of the arrangement is so straightforward.

More could be done to add a unique flavor to the fact that a marching band would be performing this. I'd suggest more structural leeway and creativity with the supporting instrumentation or a lot more expansion in the part-writing if you plan to keep the melody near 1-for-1.

In any case, I'm just basing it off the MIDI sketch, so it remains to be seen what else is brought to the table by the sheer number of performers involved.

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