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Batman (NES) Stage 4 Laboratory Ruins (PsyNES ReMix)


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Got inspired to make new tracks again, this is one of em.



I'm still trying to make some variations, better ending and a little longer version, but otherwise the track is almost finished.

... or thats what I think.

Also Elrinth would like to make something to it, we'll see if I let him. ;)

I hope you like it, all kind of feedback is very welcome!

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I dig it! Highs didn't really feel too subdued to me.

Loved the change-up at 1:00 mark, didn't really feel much of a dramatic emphasis when the highs cut at 1:45, though. Cool swung variation at the end, but it did feel like maybe it could have done without and just been shorter? Dunno. I'm new around here :)

Nice blend of modern synths and chiptune-y goodness

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I agree, it feels like you low passed the master or something. I'm not getting stuff above around 16kHz or so.

Low end feels muddy for some reason. I guess it's the tone of the bass. Pretty obvious at 0:49 that things are being cluttered.

1:02 needs more stereo separation to sound cleaner. The supersaw lead is sort of overpowering the backup saw one octave down.

1:46 didn't feel as powerful as it could have been since you could have gone a tiny bit farther in the high pass automation, not to mention the unclear bass from before weakening the impact. Improving the bass clarity should help a lot with more than just this.

2:16 had some interesting gating, but it wasn't very noticeable due to the really thin gating widths.

2:34 tempo shift into a swing feel was a bit abrupt, and the new tempo was a little too slow. I'd say bump up that new tempo by 4~8 BPM. The new swing section is pretty cluttered in the highs as well. i.e. 2:45 gets too busy. 3:08 tempo shift is again too abrupt. Maybe you could do it less of an exponential slope, and more linear.

Nice ideas, needs production touch-ups.

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First of all, I really like this. As hard as that friggin game/level was, I would play it again if this was the background music! I agree that the high end is a bit bare. If you aren't low passing it, have you tried using a harmonic exciter on the hi hats? Or if you don't have one perhaps a tad of distortion/overdrive? From the sound of your track you are more experienced than I am but I'd be curious to see if that works if you give it a shot.

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