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Become a comic artist or editorialist/reviewer for a game journalism editorial website.

The Legendary Zoltan

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Lusipurr.com, a gaming news editorial website that I work for, has an opening for a Comic Artist and an Editorialist/Reviewer. If you are interested in getting your first experiences in game journalism or would like to have your art posted on a site that gets several hundred views per day, this could be your golden opportunity.

What kind of site is Lusipurr.com?

It's a website which has almost-daily posts about gaming industry news, editorials relating to games, a weekly podcast, a weekly comic, and a monthly music track by yours truly. ^_~ It is a very professionally run website. Although we do not get paid, there is an employee contract to sign, a rulebook, and a style guide for the writers to follow.

What exactly will I have to do there?

Well, I am neither an artist nor an editorialist/reviewer but here is what I have observed.

The comic artist: Drawing a 1 to 3-cell color comic and posting it on the site once every two weeks. The old comic was called Castle Lusipurr and was based on the staff and inside jokes. I don't think Lusipurr requires it to be about the website staff but he may ask that it be related to games in someway. You'll have to talk with him about it.

The editorialist/reviewer: Reviewing games that are usually not AAA releases and writing about them in a professional way. Also finding news or creating your own game-related topics to write editorials about. You can see some examples of editorials that have been written at the site. Here is the latest one: http://lusipurr.com/2013/06/14/editorial-the-first-gaming-epic/ editorials are posted once a week. Reviews are posted on much less often occasions.

What kind of people work there now?

It is a group of people who are very passionate about games and the industry. They are very opinionated and much of the humor on the podcast and news posts is quite aggressive. If you are a very nice person who never makes fun of others and are not accustomed to such aggressive humor (like me), you may have a hard time enjoying adjusting to the atmosphere. For example someone might say on the podcast something like, "You'd have to be mentally retarded to buy an Xbone." But everyone who is currently there does their job professionally and has a good, self-policing work ethic and it makes the site a long-running success. You can listen to the personalities on the podcast' http://lusipurr.com/2013/06/10/tsm-episode-103-xbone-assault/

Sounds great! How can I get the job?

Just fill out the job application.


All the instructions of where to send it are contained in the document. When you fill it out, you may mention that you found out about the job from Zoltan but that does not ensure your employment. Lusipurr will interview you and see your work (if you're an artist) and decide for himself.

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Actually the solution is, hire more people. lol

Edit: I went for writer, but I can prob do artist as well. I probably should have linked some of my artwork (it's not comical though so I didn't really think it would fit).

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