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SMB 1, 2, 3 Medley

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Hey guys! I've been putting some time into a remixed medley of themes from the first three Super Mario Bros. games. I'd love to get some feedback! I'm wondering if my arrangement is a little too static, or not far removed enough from the sources. Tell me what you think!




SMB1 Overworld


SMB2 Overworld

SMB3 Overworld

Thanks a ton!

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To be honest.... it was pretty boring. The sections you remixed were too long, they sounded too much like the original, and some parts were too slow for my taste. Also, I can barely hear the percussion, which makes the song sound even more dull. Needs a little work, but you're getting there!

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The instruments were pretty basic, especially the percussion. The SMB1 overworld also had a wrong note. You tried to put it into a minor key for part of it, but it doesn't work.

You stuck to the first OW for too long, IMO. Sounds like you did a MIDI remix and tacked on the other two in the same way. 1:08 is really jarring and there's nothing to connect the two themes.

1:56 tempo change to the new theme is really obvious.

You had a good idea with trying to connect these themes together as they should be related a little, but it wasn't quite as seamless as it should be for it to be a medley with interest. Maybe it'd be better if you tried one song at a time first, and then later on when you get really familiar with these themes and transitions, you can try again.

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