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Where can I download lossless files for remixes that are not in an album?


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  • 6 years later...

I haven't consistently visited or downloaded 99.5% of OCRs ever since around 2008. I just decided to start listening from 3000-current (and 1500-3000 after that, and hell might as well go through 1-1000 for nostalgia). After highly liking some I've heard so far, and occasionally being unable to find lossless versions online, I've been thinking of some ideas to incorporate FLAC into published OCRs.


Idea #1:

a) Always ask for lossless from submissions by asking them to be sent through a reliable data service.

(It is now time for a snooty and technically impractical [or practical!?] question: How is something utmost 'properly' judged without doing this, anyway? ... I don't actually know how things work around here/now, so maybe asking for lossless already does happen. If not: well, "a)" would make it so!)

b) Delete them if the submission is voted No [thus not published] — unless a separate organizational entity wishes to keep them, for [?] reason.

c) Convert the FLAC to MP3 for publication on OCR's main page. (I don't know the ideal MP3 conversion: if it should be consistent or depend on some standard [likely file-size-related].)

d) Safe-keep the FLAC until it's time to release another major torrent. (Yes, that long.)

e) Include all possible* FLACs in the official OCR torrents. ... So alongside the MP3s: make the FLACs only downloadable via torrent—for obvious economical reasons.

F) Soak up the inner anguish of ~4000 OCRs having gone by without this idea having been incorporated & learn to enjoy the vastly sized future!

* — I would imagine not every mix could be made available in FLAC if the submitter declares he/she doesn't want it available for any reason.


Idea #2:

There is no Idea #2, because relying on unincorporated third parties for the OCR lossless feature would ultimately be a segregated impractical mess of invisible egos pitted against each other.

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