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Sonic 2 - Casino Night Zone (Jazzy Arranged Version)

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You broke into the solo at just the right time. I was very concerned you were just gonna play another round of the chorus, so that's good that you stepped into a different direction.

I'm gonna disagree with timaeus222 here, but I actually liked that you brought the main theme back in at the end. It rounds out the arrangement a bit, and is a bit of a jazz band cliche, but it's stuck around this long because it works. With regards the arrangment, the only thing I'd like to see is a bit more of that riff you played at 2:37. It was a cool little lick that kind of showed up out of nowhere and didn't really get enough spotlight in my opinion. I think it'd be cool to bring it back once more at the end as a little personally stamp to end the song.

I personally think the drums - well, mostly the cymbals, really - are a bit too washed in reverb, but that's probably just my crummy headphones.

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Might be echoing what other people said, but here goes from beginning to end.

Too much reverb all around. Most noticeably on the cymbals.

Guitar could be turned down. A bit loud, the piano has little to no presence do to the guitar and the reverb.

The guitar solo transition was beautiful holy shit. Also loving the bridge after the solo, fits the big band/swing style.

Overall, I'd just say work on mixing with the sound spectrum. Everything's placement in the soundspace is a little extreme. Sounds like one instrument is played down a wide hallway while another is right in front of me real close, it needs to feel like a band is playing this in the same 15 foot area.

PS The bass is real cool, nice volume and good presence, don't do anything to that. I like it.

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