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Legend of Mana - To the Sea WiP


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I could totally see that source being turned into a flamenco track.


I like the overall vibe of it so far; smooth and calm. The lead that starts at .47 or so may be a little too quiet though. The snare also sounds rather dry to me. That's as much as I can comment on production since I'm not good at production.

Perhaps in the intro, instead of the bass just starting like it does, do a slide or some short lead in. The transitions also feel a bit weak to me. Most notably 1:33. Again, some short bass transition just before could work. At 1:02, the bass just stops, it doesn't sound like it returned to the tonic as I was expecting? A simple G note on the bass where it stops should suffice.

That's all I can think of at present. Hope something I said helps.

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