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OC ReMix Mumble Server


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With OCR being as active as it is in the gaming community, I figured it could make use of a Mumble server so all of our regulars could have a VoIP client for games that don't support or a better alternative to games that do.

*Note to Team Fortress 2 players: Although a Mumble is available, it is asked that although a Mumble server is being provided, that using the in-game chat on the OCRemix server be continued as to not segregate those who prefer not to use Mumble.

However, I'd like to extend the use of the Mumble server to the entire community of OCR, be it for video games, music discussion, so on and so forth. I have the server for one month and given feedback and usage of the server, will decide whether or not to continue to renew it.

The IP Address for the server is: Port: 2162

Slots: 30 (Might increase depending on activity)

Location: Chicago, IL

Current Admins:

Gamemaster (Owner)



Current Channels (May add more based on feedback):

General Chat

Team Fortress 2



User Channels (Users can create their own temporary channels)


Please post all questions, comments, concerns, and comments here.

Edited by Gamemaster1379
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Server Rules:

1) Be considerate & respectful of others

2) No pornography (text chat or otherwise)

3) Do not flood voice or text chat

4) No racism or other offensive remarks

5) Please use channels for their intended purpose. (Users can create channels under User Channels if one is not available)

* Administrators reserve the right to take action where they see fit, regardless of whether or not it explicitly violates the rules listed here

* The rules can be modified at any time as seen appropriate

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Due to a complication with random users coming in harassing various channels, a password has been implemented for  the Mumble server. Any registered users who have connected in the past should not need to put in a password and can connect with no problems. This password implementation is not meant to keep out anyone within the community, but instead as a means to stop outside harassment.


If you wish to make use of the server, or invite friends to it, simply ask myself (Gamemaster1379) or SuperDSombrero for the password for the server. Anybody with the password is free to distribute it to others. It's not meant to be a strict validation policy.

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