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Ivan Hakštok

Dwelling of Duels November 2013 Blaster Master Month

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Following the insanely great 10th anniversary month, here's a new theme from a game with great music!


Blaster Master Month!

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Blaster Master (boy, there sure are lots of anniversaries this year :P)


Songs are due: Nov 26, 15:00 PM EST

Send your songs to

If you don't know what DoD is, well where the hell have you been! Read this:

Get to work, guys and gals, I already started recording my entry! :razz:

Edited by Ivan Hakštok

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Awesome source, one of my favorite games.

But since this is a competition, doesn't this topic belong in the competitions thread?

I don't know, all past DoD threads were in Community I think. But I guess if mods think it belongs in the Competitions subforum, they can move it there. :)

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What a great theme, though I'm tempering my expectations as far as turnout. Coming off of the huge anniversary month and being more of a niche game, I'm not sure we'll see a lot of entries. Hopefully I'm proven wrong!

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Entries are up! 13 mains + 1 alt, feel free to grab them:

Blaster Master Month is a success! 13 mains, 1 alt, how's that for decline ;)

Also, Prologue Theme got Windscene'd




Voting is open for everyone, no restrictions. Use the voting app and score every song.

Send your votes to or PM them to me.

Votes due: Nov 30, 12PM EST.

Here's the Listening Party log. Thanks to KyleJCrb for hosting.

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The results are in!

The results of the Blaster Master Month

#1 ansgaros - Mastering the Blaster - good +0.19

#2 Danimal Cannon - Pink Tanks Can't Jump - good -0.04

#3 The Nate Horsfall Experience - The Jason Frudnick Experience - good -0.12

#4 Mutherpluckin' B feat. KGS - Blastin' Through the Years - good -0.35

#5 Ivan Hakštok - Blaster Disaster - good -0.35

#6 Hyde209 - Search for the Hover Module - above average +0.4

#7 GearX2 - Radioactive Toad - above average +0.39

#8 Daniel Alm - Dude, where's my frog? - above average +0.3

#9 Mega Beardo - Jason and the Frogonauts - above average +0.27

#10 Ryan8bit - Radioactive Waste In My Backyard - above average +0.17

#11 Katamari - It's Not Neo-80s If The 80s Never Left - average +0.24

#12 juef - You and Your Frog Are Dead - average -0.05

#13 7-kurgan-d, Joe Murr - Journeying into the deep to fight that damn Lobster Alien Creature again - average -0.18


GearX2 - Rebellion Of The Holy Radioactive SIN Toad

Congrats to ansgaros, Danimal Cannon and everyone who entered this month. You are awesome.

The Nate Horsfall Experience is the 70s band with a huge legacy that's currently being recovered from the oblivion and restored for the new generations. The restoration team includes Stemage, Dr. Manhattan, Omigadrive, Cory Johnson, Chunkstyle, Mercurial and Kevin Lawrence.

Also, great to see artists outside the DoD circles such as Mutherpluckin' B and Hyde209 joining us. Welcome, guys, and enter more!

The page and the ZIP are updated with tagged songs.

Congrats to the top 3! And I think this is the best rating I ever had on DoD :mrgreen:

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