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Vs Bittercold - PMD: Gates to Infinity House Remix - ElectricMudkip and Pl511


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And finished! So many changes that I could list... Really pleased with this, though. :D

Final remix link

Any feedback would still be really appreciated! Thanks guys!



Electric Mudkip and I have been working on this for about a week now, and we're beginning to see the final result of the structure of the track. Definitely quite a bit of refining left to do, and any feedback would be really appreciated!

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Is this the right source?

Your remix is pretty cool, it's kinda hard to comment on how you've interpreted it since the overall feel of both source and remix is very similar. The source feels more dramatic, whilst the remix seems more chilled. It might be personal taste, but I'd say give it some more bass punch and snarl. Good effort so far!

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@Cheersm8: Thanks a lot! And yeah, there are a few little references scattered throughout. I don't want to spoil many of them but, the one I think you're hearing is actually a reference to I Don't Want To Say Goodbye from PMD2, but it does indeed sound remarkably similar to Sky Tower too. ^^ In the mix, you might possibly also hear a few references to some Pokémon X/Y tracks if you listen carefully? We opted to use the PMD one mainly because it's so recognisable as coming from those games and it ties the track back to the previous games in the series a little.

We also basically based the whole thing on the main melody of the Bittercold theme, and then went a little nuts. XD Some parts don't have any of the Bittercold theme at all, because we've built upon counter-melodies that we wrote. Glad you enjoyed it!

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