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OCR03039 - *YES* Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable 'Meus Caligo Hora'

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Remixer Name: urdailywater

Real Name: Aaron Corbitt

Game: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Portable (http://wiki.puella-magi.net/Madoka_Magica_Portable)

Name of Song Arranged: Cubiculum Coniecturae

Name of Remix: Meus Caligo Hora (which should mean "My Darkest Hour" in latin if it was translated right. If not that's gonna be embarrassing)

Composer: Zizz Studio (this was actually hard to find, but most any source that mentions the composer says it's Zizz Studio, so I'm going trust that)



The music from this game sounds a lot like the music from the anime in some cases, but the compositions are completely different. The soundtrack from the anime has to be without a doubt one of my favorite soundtracks / albums / anything to be heard within the last few years. It is literally impossible not to love the music. so I sort of tried to borrow from the anime soundtrack when arranging this in terms of soundscapes.

Bringing in an acoustic drumset this time.. this sounds a bit different than my other stuff. Much more natural you could say.. but it still has that freaking bell and chiptune synths that I love using so much, so yeah.

It gets pretty busy towards the end. I tried separating the parts so they're not jarring frequency wise.. but it's kind of supposed to be cluttered as a climax sort of thing if that makes any sense. I like that stuff at least.

And also this has a lot more noise. I'm going to try and get harsher with sound design and noises in the future, because it's really fun to do. Hopefully ya'll will enjoy that : D

Source Breakdown:

*pretty much using source all the way until 1:02 while arranging the flute section and also providing some xylophone in the background that wasn't in the source. Going into 1:03 this section is original writing with the bells and synths keeping the sources chords though.

*bringing the source back in at 1:37 with what i think are original chords until 2:00 where it goes to an original section again.

*2:21 and here comes the source again with that flute lick from the source... seriously it sounds so good. Original solo'ing behind this section, which eventually becomes the forefront. and the song contains source for the rest of the song.

Yeah, it's kind of average arrangement wise. I didn't want to go to crazy because I thought the source could stand out in this kind of arrangement.



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The source is pretty nice, and the arrangement itself is a little basic to me, but there are some nice expansions to the theme incorporated. I think the drums are a decent addition, and while a little plodding, give the song some extra interest. I really enjoyed the sound effects and background ambience, and the counterpoint writing was nice and added a good level of personalization.

I think the panning could have been a little more pronounced and would have helped with clarity in the busier sections, but overall the mix was nice. I wasn't blown away by any specific aspect of it, but it was personalized and well-expanded upon.


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I'm loving the sound choices here! The flute, the mallets/bells, the delayed piano, the synths! (I love the synth writing, wish there had been more) A bit heavy on the reverb overall, but I happen to be a huge fan of reverb. I think the instruments are separated quite well, considering you've got lots of elements in the same range, kudos on this. I like how you've used noise and sfx so it almost feels to me like it's raining at times.

The transition into the piano break at 1:38 is a bit sudden, the piano could have started a few beats later and it would have made more sense to me. Tiny nitpick, though.

The arrangement is quite straightforward, but you've created a terrific mood here. This get my vote!


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Great intro. You built the soundscape slowly but purposefully, and the direction was apparent most of the time. It bordered on being plodding, but there was just enough there to hold my interest. I wouldn't have minded the lead being more distinguishable, because the backing writing tends to fight for attention with it, and that also contributes to the listener zoning out a bit. If you brought the bell down a little bit, the flute would stand out more. Of course, there are a couple sections where the bell seems to be more of a lead than the flute, so you might need to do something different there.

The transition to the piano section was awkward, though I liked the writing ideas there. The synth work was appropriately moody and I really enjoyed how it played counterpoint with the flute when the main section returned.

This is a tough call, it's right on the edge for me. Hmmm... alright, gonna go with a YES. There's enough to enjoy here that the few problems can be overlooked.

YES (borderline)

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Daym this source is great.

Great arrangement of source as well! True to the original while expanding it nicely, I can dig.

As for production, mixing is pretty good, reverb is a tad heavy, the soundscape feels murky and the frequency range of the track feels a bit lopsided (where is the bass?). This causes the track to be piercing at loud volumes. The ending is also a bit uncreative.

I'd say this is over the bar tho.

Nice work here, gives off cool mysterious vibes not heard in the original.


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