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OCR02935 - *YES* Rockman & Forte 'Get Down'

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Hi there! DDRKirby(ISQ) here with another submission from the FL Studio Remix Gauntlet. This time it's my Ground Man remix, titled "Get Down".

FLAC: http://db.tt/AeXhw6RT

Contact Information


*Your ReMixer name: DDRKirby(ISQ)

*Your real name: Timothy Wong

*Your website: http://sites.google.com/site/ddrkirby

*Your userid (number, not name) on our forums, found by viewing your forum profile: 8933

Submission Information


*Name of game(s) arranged: Rockman & Forte

*Name of arrangement: Get Down

*Name of individual song(s) arranged: Ground Man Stage

*Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc.:

Right, so this is another mix out of Prophecy's "FL Studio Remix Gauntlet" (http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=42262). Again, the rules are that you're only allowed to use the basic plugins and samples that come with FL Studio--pretty fun to work around the limitations of just using stock FL stuff. This mix was submitted for round 7, and again, you can download the complete FL project in the forum thread to see exactly what's going on with your own eyes.

Let's face it, Ground Man's theme is awesome. That bassline and chord progression, awww yeah. This one was really fun to make...as soon as I had the intro in with the bass and drums, I knew things were gonna go well. Course, I had no idea I was gonna go into trance-land later on at ~1:20, but hey, half the fun of writing a song is seeing what ends up happening to it, at least for me. ^.^

Anyways, hope you enjoy the song, and let it never be said again that you need fancy hardware and expensive sample packs to make cool, groovy music. :)



Wow this is a fun track. Hard to believe it's entirely made from FL studio default sounds. There's not much to say except that source usage felt a tad light. I timestamped to get a better sense of the source usage:

0:02-0:07 - modified bassline of original, YMMV

0:09-0:40 - source melody and vamping over chords, bassline similar but modified

0:41-0:45 - same as intro

0:51-0:54 - A section melody

0:57-1:00 - A section melody (used as countermelody)

1:17-1:38 - B section melody, dragged out

2:12-2:43 - source melody and vamping over chords, bassline similar but modified

2:44-3:04 - same as intro

Without counting the bassline segments, it's a touch below 50% but I thought even though the bassline got messed with, it still was reminiscent of the original enough. Glad to pass it.


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thanks for the timestamp, Vinnie!

I feel that the dominant source is also a bit on the shallow end, but the spirit of the track burns brightly, and when it's there, it's pretty apparent. I really enjoyed the personalization, and the beats and bass themselves could make for a compelling track. Great sequencing, nice production, and a good arrangement and full soundscape, this is really nice. I like that the sounds use really take me back to classic OCR times when it seemed like everyone was using these FL defaults for their Mega Man songs.

Really nice stuff, and while a touch more source melody would be nice; the feel is enough for me to vote Yes

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Wow, FL stock sounds? Bass is really tight, synths are bright! (is that BooBass? C'mon, admit it!)

The synths are stepping on each other a bit frequency-wise. A little more separation would have been wonderful. Dat kick! Yep, source is light... but it is there, and the overall vibe captures it nicely.

I'm diggin' it!


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Aha, this song! Hello, fellow One Hour Conquistador! Man, I wish I'd been able to actually get all three of my songs done--since we cut off after round 8, I didn't get to go that third time for round 9. :cry:

ANYWAYS enough about me. I already know I love this song, but now I gotta actually put on my jooj-hat and give it a thorough, critical listening-to. Here goes.

Alright, done listening. Still freakin' love this tune. I agree that the source usage is on the sparse side, but I can definitely tell it's a Ground Man remix. The bassline is always there, and there's plenty of melody line usage for me. Production-wise, my only problem is that it does get a bit crowded in the upper range, especially since the whole thing could stand to be just a bit less treble-y. Obviously, the piano sample isn't great, but I think it's appropriate to overlook that in this case.

Love the attention paid to the snare and other percussion details--having seen the project file first-hand, I'm still amazed that this was pulled off with just the FL defaults.

Let's see this get some front-page action!


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this piece wasn't "light on source" or even close to 50% overt source usage, so I'm just clarifying with an extra vote so that this doesn't get assumed as fact in the writeup.

While the bassline sounded Mega Man-ish, it was too different from Ground Man's bassline (channel 7 of the .SPC) to count, sure, so I wouldn't count that. That said, the vamping over the chords that were directly from the source was fine to me.

Here's what I ID'ed as directly referencing the source:

:09-40, :49-:54, :55.5-1:00.5, 1:17.75-1:38.5, 1:49-1:49.5, 1:52.75-1:58.75, 2:12.5-2:59.5 = 115.25 seconds of a 3:06-long mix or 62%

There are other things that didn't stand out to me that I possibly didn't count, and it's possible the 1:17-1:38 section with the slowed down chorus sounded like it wasn't a connection, even though it was.

Just co-signing on this and also just making sure this isn't wrongly perceived as almost too light on source. Great job, Timmie!


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