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FF7 - 'Cid's Theme'


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I really enjoy what you have so far. I'm looking forward to hearing more.

The main thing that jumps out as an area for improvement is the solo trumpet in the beginning, it sounds a bit mechanical to me. The trumpet in the last section sounds much better with all the other layers.

As you mentioned, the levels are off. It's overall a bit quiet, the section between 1:26 and 1:43 is especially quiet.

Other than that, well done. The end section starting at 1:44 is my favorite, and the buildup to the section is great as well. Awesome remix so far!

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This is seriously one of the most incredible adaptations of such a readily identifiable video game theme. You have turned this into a majestic and cinematic piece. It is somewhat dark, open, and flighty, as if the listener is truly flying above the world. I can't say enough about how much I love, LOVE L.O.V.E. the arrangement you have.

The strings give an incredible amount of depth to the lead melody and lend themselves well to setting the general mood of the piece.

The pace picks up at 1:26. It's a nice bump to keep the listener engaged. I know this is a WIP, but by the time the horns come in again I'm ready for a wall of brass to blow me away with a massive and thunderous roar. But that's my opinion. The pace is great no matter what you put with it.


I agree that the solo trumpet sound isn't entirely convincing, but it works for right now. I'll bet that you can easily get someone to provide you with a top notch sound if you want to collab on the OCR forums.

The cymbal sample you use at 1:46 isn't at all convincing to me. It sounds like the quality is just inferior compared to all the other sounds you have going here. The placement isn't bad if you use a better sound (which I'm confident you will), but this one just doesn't work.

I think the fact that the only two cons I can find involve sound/sample issues is quite a feat. (Of course, I am not a musical prodigy or anything). I can't really find anything that I dislike in the arrangement of the song. Well done!

Other Thoughts:

This remix has HUGE potential. You've done so much in 2 minutes and haven't even begun to really get into the meat of the source tune. I am so excited to hear what you have us listen to next. This is solid gold. I look forward to hearing more, and the sooner the better!

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I always look forward to your stuff.

I'm not sure I enjoy the composition of the solo trumpet. I know the sounds can be fixed and I'm sure they will be, but I just don't think a solo trumpet fits what's written. Maybe a trumpet/horn section?

Looking forward to more!

Yeah, it was definitely a placeholder. I'll be honest - I hate trumpets.

Here's a slightly updated version. Not too much extra, but getting there.


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