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Spacestation Evolution: ReTuned! (album release and listening party!!)


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Hey guys! I just wanted to announce my latest soundtrack album, “Spacestation Evolution: ReTuned!”.


(album art by Monobrow! :D)

Spacestation Evolution was my very first game soundtrack, written back in 1999 for a game with both RPG and Gradius-style shooter elements. So the soundtrack had pretty diverse influences – Virtua Fighter, Megaman, and Gradius for the shooter gameplay, and classic Final Fantasy / Chrono Trigger sounds for the RPG elements – yet sounds very distinctly “Playstation 1” overall.

ReTuned! contains both the original score (presented as-is and rendered using my custom-built DLS sample set from 1999), along with 14mins of live-recorded remixes of the synth-rock shooter music, performed by yours truly.

The album is available for pay-what-you-want on Loudr:


And as a special bonus, tomorrow night I’ll be appearing on Arecibo Radio to talk about the album and play some tracks! Check out the event on Facebook for details:


Friday, Dec. 27th

5pm PST (8pm EST)


I had an incredible time revisiting this 13-year-old soundtrack, and so I hope you enjoy both the classic music and my new remixes! :-)

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