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Definitely like it! It's not exactly nightmare-inducing (actually, I'll try playing it in the dark before I fall asleep to test the validity of that conclusion :P), but it's still quite enjoyable.

Random notes:

The ending is great, but it does feel a little drawn out.

I kinda disliked 2:20 to 2:40, it felt a bit out of place, but it's forgivable.

The opening (0:00-0:40) feels a bit different than the rest of the song, but that's more of an observation than a complaint.

Regarding how it compares to the only other Lavender Town remix I've seen on here (which isn't half bad), it does feel a little similar (mostly due to the fact they both use those "ding"-y bells or whatever they're called in the background), but I think I like this one better.

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Oh wow, this has some atmosphere to it. Love the feel that I'm getting from this. Makes the hairs stand on my neck, I love it.

There are some volume issues that I have when you introduce the theme in the beginning of the track (0:56). That melody just comes out of nowhere with the volume. When everything else comes in the level makes sense, so perhaps think about bringing it in at a lower level and gradually getting to it's final level when the other instruments get there.

When things really get moving (~2:20), there is a lot going on, which is cool. Unfortunately, the soundscape gets pretty cluttered, and it ends up sounding like a mess. Consider either dropping an instrument or two out, or just mixing it so that an instrument or two become the focus of the portions of the music where everything seems to be there. Otherwise, it just sounds like music soup, and no one really wants that.

The Tubular Bells (that's what they're called, Nightlasher :wink:) used at the end have too much of their reverb overlap, so it becomes a real mess at the end, there (particularly at the 3:45 area - the bells play too fast for that kind of reverb). Clean that up, since the resulting sound is uncomfortably piercing, as it is.

Otherwise, it sounds really cool. I really loved the atmosphere of it, and the arrangement was very well crafted. Nice work!

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