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Final Fantasy 5 - Main Theme


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This is nice. I do think it is a bit tinny sounding, could benefit from some more low end. What VSTs are you using in this? They sound good :)

LA Scoring Strings 2 and Sonic Implants Symphonic Woodwinds Solo Oboe... which the Oboe is from a purchase I made several years ago and I had to reconfigure half the features of the stupid thing in Kontakt in order for it to function properly. :P

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Mmm, FF5's main theme - it really is one of the better soundtracks for the FF series, and one that is severely underrated. This arrangement helps bring to the fore just what is so good about it - those melodies are gorgeous.

Lovely strings, and that oboe is a very nice touch to the whole thing. The harmonies are quite rich and sexy, too. The oboe could use less attack, as it separates every note, which makes it sound disjunct. If it's the sample then one thing you can do to compensate is to increase the attack and release a little and overlap the notes a little, bleeding from one note to the next.

Love the source choice, and enjoyed the arrangement. I hope to hear more from you, man. :)

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