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  1. https://soundcloud.com/zack-parrish/sacred-earth-memory-garenia Just finished this about a week ago for an upcoming RPG called Sacred Earth: Memory. Flute was performed by Alex Ripple. The setting for the music is a large city that is in perpetual winter(always covered in snow).
  2. Going to keep with the theme of the other and pick one from FF8... 'Lunatic Pandora'


  3. Sounds like it'd be fun to remix... and it's one of my GF's favorite soundtracks so I'll give it a whirl.
  4. I use Hollywood Strings, Hollywood Brass, and Berlin Woodwinds for orchestral stuff. The solo trumpet is Sample Modeling's 'The Trumpet'. For orchestral percussion I am using Project SAM True Strike 1(it's a bit dated though...) I felt like the guitars could have been beefed up a bit more myself as well but had such a short deadline to complete the track because I took it up as a last minute submission for Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash. Might revisit it one day but knowing me it's not likely I'll ever open the project again. Thanks for the feedback though, will spend more time on balancing the drums / guitars better in the future.
  5. Was going to submit it as you suggested but thasauce.net hates me apparently and wouldn't let me register. Might try again later...
  6. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. No idea what I'll be working on next but I'll try to keep doing better(or at least maintain what I've been doing...)
  7. https://soundcloud.com/zack-parrish/bowser Did this remix of Bowser's Inside Story final boss music for the album Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash. Full album is at: http://www.harmonyofheroes.net/finalsmash/
  8. Thanks, dudes. Was hoping for more of a response than the piece got but I guess my lack of contributions to the VGM arrangement/remix scene makes people more likely to just keep walking instead of giving it a listen. C'est la vie.
  9. https://soundcloud.com/zack-parrish/terra Been working on this for a few weeks, full orchestral arrangement of Terra's Theme from Final Fantasy VI, including a flute solo and irish whistle solo(both performed). Free to download(from URL above) as well!
  10. Title says it all... wrote it for a musical challenge at tigsource.com https://soundcloud.com/zack-parrish/mario-gets-drunk-and-listens-to-dubstep
  11. Wrote this just for the hell of writing something... which is pretty seldom for me. https://soundcloud.com/zack-parrish/transcendence
  12. LA Scoring Strings 2 and Sonic Implants Symphonic Woodwinds Solo Oboe... which the Oboe is from a purchase I made several years ago and I had to reconfigure half the features of the stupid thing in Kontakt in order for it to function properly.
  13. Wrote a chordal arrangement of Final Fantasy 5's main theme for string ensemble and solo oboe... not much else to say about it really... https://soundcloud.com/zack-parrish/our-tale-begins-main-theme Track is free to download as well. Thanks for listening!
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