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Ratchet And Clank DUBtropolis


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Things I noticed:

- The dubstep wobble pacing is plodding from the never-changing rhythm

- Some elements are too quiet or pushed too far back

- This is mixed quietly, aside from some select few elements.

- The "snares" at 0:10 came in too late. It's off the rhythm and playing in between a down beat and its next up beat.

- The snare at 0:14 sounds like it's clipping the track, or it has a little too much distortion that it sounds like actual clipping.

Not bad, but the textures could use some more nuance and the mixing could be more calculated/purposeful.

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Aside from the fact that I dislike the snare sound (I don't like the reverb), I'd say this just lacks energy overall.

Get some rhythm going! I feel like the drums don't pack enough punch and the kick drum could use a more varied, complex but not too complex, beat. Also, your bass kinda just plays the root notes of your chords at a steady pace. I'd change that up for sure. Experiment with more non-chord tones in the bass line, add some sixteenth notes here and there, and just vary its rhythm in general. Automate the filters more and maybe even add in another bass with more low end where as the wobbles have more mid and highs. Then you could use the lower bass sound to play the root notes of the bass and the wobbles would play the non-chord tones and other stuff I was talking about. Hocket, essentially.

Just some ideas....

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I like the feeling, but I think everybody else made some good points!

The snare is very reverb-y. Too much in my opinion, I think you should tone back the amount of reverb and also shorten up the length of it so it doesn't echo for as long.

The bass rhythm is nice and simple, and it definitely leaves a lot of room for some interesting variation to be thrown in. Some stuff I would try is maybe for just a beat or two having the wobble double-up so it plays twice as fast, change the waveshape of the LFO from Sin to Saw, etc.

The kick drum needs to hit a lot harder, I almost didn't hear it at first

It's a cool sample, but it can be improved upon with some more work!

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