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Finding a good solid start in the way the remixer!

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I'm curious on how to start as a remixer.

My goal is to make something that I can play on the guitar (or least a part of it, which means I don't mind if some of it is created on a DAW). However, I don't much of anything about music nor how to compose or pull notes out of music (can read treble clef sheet music and guitar tabs, though).

Experience-wise all I've got is the guitar. I'm alright, not great by any means, but if I find something simple,or break something down into simpler parts, I can practice it until it sounds good. I've tried playing with a DAW a few times and got both lost and confused.

So, what I'm looking for is a good solid start. I'm not expecting to be able to create something great right away, but to work towards being able to.

Any advice, tips, and help is much appreciated! Thanks!


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I wrote a guide to remixing, making music, whatever.

The Workshop has plenty of resources as well, like zircon's Getting Started thread.

The hard part is the first note, the first sound, the first instrument, the first of everything. We're not gonna hold your hand and pat you on the back for every step of the way. Look through these guides, get started with getting some sound out of your software, and you're well on your way already.

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