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Legend of Zelda Art Tribute: Link's Friendlist


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Heya OCR Community

just like one awesome video game remix album gets organized and published here on ocr we from the game-art-hq community are trying to do something similar with visual fan art since 2011.


Our latest Art Tribute is about The Legend of Zelda Protagonists, but not Link and Princess Zelda, who were probably drawn many thousand times already, instead its about the others, ranging from the old Man who gives Link his first (wooden) Sword there in the cave in the firtst Legend of Zelda up to guys like Ravio from A Link Between Worlds.

You can see the art tribute here: http://www.game-art-hq.com/66470/links-friendlist-a-tribute-to-the-light-side-of-hyrule/

Over 50 artists participated with the result that 30 different characters were illustrated by them and are accompanied with informations about the characters and the images itself in their galleries on game art hq.

Btw, if you are one of the guys behind a OCR Project and you search artists for your projects, don't hesitate to contact us via http://game-art-hq.deviantart.com/

Greets, Reinhold Hoffmann

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Heya, good that i browsed in the forum today by coincedence, the art contest looks interesting and i am going to write about it in the GA-HQ Group on deviantART tomorrow.

Would surprise me a lot if nobody would be interested!

@Dhsu glad you enjoy the art, the website is a one-man project (myself) and i wish i had the time and knowledge to fix everything which can be fixed.

Greets, RH /GBK

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