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OCR02996 - *YES* Money Island 2 'Drunken Monkey'

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Hello, I have made a remix of the Jojo theme from Monkey Island 2.

Remixer name: Yffisch

Real name: Kristofer Yffén

Country: Sweden

Game name: Monkey Island 2 - Le Chcks Revenge

Remix name: Drunken Monkey

Original name: Jojo the Monkey Theme

Composer: Michael Land

Year: 1992

System: Amiga/PC

Website: www.yffisch.com

UserID on forum: http://ocremix.org/forums/member.php?u=4654


I have always been fascinated by this tune because I get a very cozy pub feeling when I listen to it. I wanted to catch that pub feeling a little bit more so I took my accordion and some flutes and made my own drunken version of this tune.


Kristofer Yffén

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I've never heard from Kristofer before, but this is a well-realized concept. The solo accordion more than carries the tune, and you unexpectedly get some drunken singing thrown in for free! Great use of FX, ambiance, and space to create a very unique remix.


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Now THERE'S something you don't hear every day! Wow. What a concept! I never thought I could like a track with so much accordion this much. The flute (recorder?) is a perfect accompaniment, and the vocals/sfx (BURP!) seal the deal. I can practically smell the pub while listening to this. It smells like beer and strong body odor, thank you very much for that. Doddy doddy doddy doddy dai dai doe.


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A spiritual successor to http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01395, at last!!

The laughing mumbles here REALLY remind me of the way Tom Servo would do fake laughs on MST3K back in the day, which adds an additional nostalgia factor.

For a mix like this to work on OCR, it has to be executed REALLY well - it can't JUST be the concept, however goofy and well-intended, there ALSO has to be something "there" in terms of the arrangement, performance, and production.

Happily, there is.

I'm gonna get drunk to this at some point. MAG? Anyone else down?


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