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I'M BACK! (with a BOOK!)


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Holy crap it's already been a year.

So at some point last May, I disappeared from the face of the forums, and a few months later stopped being active on the IRC. In case you were somehow wondering where I was (which you weren't), here's the brief update: I graduated and published a book!

That's right, a book! It's a non-fiction analysis of the current economic challenges the United States faces. The book is intended for individuals who may not normally care for political issues, so if you want, take a look and see.

Back to OCR, I hope to be a little more active in the community. I have a new computer for composing, and I'm getting a mike to do vocals and voice-overs. I also have a new place in DC, so I'm willing to host people before and after MAGFest.

So what happened while I was gone?

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Welcome back!

I bought your book! (kindle edition) - might want to start a separate thread in PPR for it, outline some of the ideas, see what peeps think...

As far as what's gone down, in a nutshell.... more great albums (BA2, Sonic CD, MM25, TMNT, Audio Engineering, etc.), we launched a sister site for selling VGM & community originals at http://overclockedrecords.com, and there've been a ton of great mixes of course.

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