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[BUG] Zelda's Rescue and Zelda's theme with overlapping unrelated ReMixes

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They're practically the same song. The alttp source has an intro that's no present in the oot version, and the instrumentation is different, but what most people think of as Zelda's lullaby from oot actually didn't originate in oot but in alttp.

Same song, different games. Someone with a better grasp of how the database is handled could probably explain the rationale behind when and how sources count as being the same, like here, and provide some other examples of it.

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Well, if you change the database structure a little you can allow for a single song entity to belong to multiple game entities. I don't know the OCR db, but generally it's done with something like this:

{table game} <-> {table song_relation: game.id, song.id} <-> {table song}

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