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Interview w/ Perturbator


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Synthwave is awesome. It's just like he says, it's some kind of counterculture in response to the modern climate of dance music. In the 1980's electronic music was made primarily by classically trained musicians hence the refined songwriting and melodic focus. Today electronic music has been completely democratized so anyone with a computer can start making it, and so we have a new generation of musicians who exist in this insular atmosphere where they care more about things like drops, kicks, plucks etc. rather than interesting melodies and harmonies.

He is also right about the genre becoming extremly saturated lately so it's becoming harder to find stuff worth listening to. I think it was an underground movement up until the point where the movie Drive really propelled it into the mainstream. And this has been pushed further by games like Blood Dragon and of course Hotline Miami which was directly inspired by Drive and which Pertubator made music for.

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