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Cave Story - Living Waterway

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The crackle effect is nice. I like the soft/mushy aesthetic. The bass drum is very loud! Quite possibly the bass is a bit loud too. You're taking the original to an interesting direction. Looking forward to updates!

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I like how you took the source and removed a lot of the noisy elements, leaving you with a more gentle song. The bass hits are too loud, and possibly need a more gentle sample. It's just sort of an awkward THUMP amidst the serene watery song. I think the vinyl intro is good, maybe a hair too loud as previously mentioned, personally I would have liked to heard it longer, or maybe again at the end. Overall the song is nice, but aside from removing elements I think its too true to the source and its too short. Mix in some original composition and pad out the time a little bit. Also just as a side thought, you might try playing with the tempo a bit. If you slowed it down, and brought in the background piano a little more you could make it really jazzy.

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Hey everybody, thanks for all the feedback. Finally got some inspiration to continue the mix.


- Lowered the bassdrum kick volume

- Lowered the subbass volume

- Lowered vinyl crackle sample volume (have yet to try out iZotope though, just wanted to try turning down the volume first)

Didn't really change what I had earlier (other than volumes/production stuff) because I was pretty satisfied with it.

I know how it ends right now isn't that great of an ending, so it's more like a placeholder atm, definitely going to change it.

Looking forward some more feedback. Thanks!

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Great to see an update on this.

I disagree with Old Man Pac about being too similar with the source. Simplification counts as personalization, as far as OC ReMix goes at least. Frankly, this sounded very familiar, but when I listened to the source I was sure there was another source track that used the same melody, since the original was that different (turns out I was thinking of OverCoat's rearrangement).

Sounding pretty good! I really liked the arrangement additions, and now that it's a more complete piece, I'm really digging it.

I do think the soundscape is a little on the sparse side from around 1:40 forwards. That point is kind of cool, with the backing pad being soooo quiet (and gaining volume a little later), I wouldn't mind if it had been just a touch louder initially. 2:25 some nice synth enters to fill the mix, it's good, but there could be some other element coming in earlier already.

I was definitely expecting the beat to pick up at 2:30; instead the busy lead solo filled the purpose, but dammit if I didn't love the beat to start building up after it around 2:50 and got to full swing at 3:07. Lovely variations on the flute! I still felt the mix from 2:30-> to be on the empty side, you have some cool backing elements, maybe they're mixed a little low or there could be some more stuff going on. Don't lose the sense of space of course, it's definitely a good feature of the arrangement.

I'd also turn the snare and maybe bass drum down just a notch.

A very enjoyable update & I'm looking forward for the next one!

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I actually think this is sparse earlier on than 1:40. The sub bass just doesn't fit. It's too static and loud. What should happen in the bass is that it should change notes much more often. It literally felt like one note held at 0:33 for 51 seconds because the pitch was hard to determine, and to me it just felt grating. You could alternatively use a completely different bass sound... one that is audible above 80Hz and has a Sustain shorter than 100% on its envelope so that you can feel the good harmonies you could be emphasizing instead of just vibrating the room with something that can be hard to hear well, and so that it's not a 100% constant note hold. Also, the piano early on is so quiet that it feels like just the chiptune sound in the soundscape; I'm using headphones that are louder than the average pair (low impedance), yet I barely heard the piano, so there's some perspective.

Good chords here and there, but the piano definitely needs more humanization. All the notes, especially the chords, are stiff and quantized, so it just feels like someone plunked the notes with all the fingers needed on each hit, at the same time, each time. Try adding small rhythmic errors and velocity magnitude variations so that it feels more loose but not sloppy, and less stiff but not too dynamically undulating---having a few super quiet notes in between some really loud notes makes it sound too exaggerated in the velocity magnitudes. :P

This feels like it's supposed to be atmospheric. I think it can be less sparse. More pads would be nice to thicken up the textures. :) You might find some inspiration by listening to the Phantasy Star Online OST on YouTube.

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