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  1. Wow, I was not done listening to this at 3:00. Almost a shame it fades out, could be looped. In comparison to the inspiration, this track moves along a bit more steadily and is much better IMO
  2. Man I can't believe it. I was whistling this tune earlier today and head onto OCR and BAM there it is in kick ass bluegrass. Well done!
  3. I like how you took the source and removed a lot of the noisy elements, leaving you with a more gentle song. The bass hits are too loud, and possibly need a more gentle sample. It's just sort of an awkward THUMP amidst the serene watery song. I think the vinyl intro is good, maybe a hair too loud as previously mentioned, personally I would have liked to heard it longer, or maybe again at the end. Overall the song is nice, but aside from removing elements I think its too true to the source and its too short. Mix in some original composition and pad out the time a little bit. Also just as a side thought, you might try playing with the tempo a bit. If you slowed it down, and brought in the background piano a little more you could make it really jazzy.
  4. Good stuff. The percussion really sets it apart. His first mix was the same way.
  5. 1. Bill 2. Q Bert 3. Guybrush How bout some classics love??
  6. I'm not sure what the others are saying by the main melody, or maybe you've already fixed it, but everything sounds good to me. The only thing I'd say is the ending cuts off abruptly while the rest of the song has sort of a let it ring out feel, maybe let the last part resonate a bit. Although I noticed it repeats almost seamlessly by itself just like it would in the game, kinda neat.
  7. Sounds pretty good. Faithful to the source but different and original. Aside from finishing it and polishing the production there isn't much else I can think to say. Good luck
  8. Awesome!!! The overall sound quality is greatly improved. Bass is a little too loud at times, and the organ part is a little loud underneath the second hothead hop melody but they seem like very minor issues to me. I think this is simply fantastic, definitely a YES in my opinion. So best of luck to you, I can't wait to see you on the front page!
  9. Not bad! I might just go ahead and save this one to my player. Not much to add on Liz's post. The different parts aren't clean and don't mesh together as well as they could, and some volume adjustments would do you some good. Your organ track sounds scratchy at its low end and at some points just seems like noise, especially around 3:00-3:20. I didn't feel only having the second part of the hothead hop melody come in late was an issue, but I do feel like it's sort of added on to the end like Liz mentioned, at 3:49 it seems like the song is just going along the same path and suddenly its something else. Smooth out the transition somehow. The last 20 or so seconds also seem kinda extraneous to me. I really liked this one so I'm looking forward to seeing it posted.
  10. Definitely sounds like "Movin' My Chair". I especially enjoyed 1:10. The first minute or so though seems a little thin, and I think the rhythm synth layer (sorry if I don't know or use proper terminology hope I come across clear) is drowning out most of what you have so you consider adjusting some volume levels, and I feel your are lacking some part equivalent to the vocals in the TMBG. After the first minute it starts to polish up pretty well I think. Good luck to ya.
  11. Liking it so far. I like medleys a lot, but I usually prefer them to be more varied. I liked the song selection you had there, but it would be cool if you hit on other songs even if only for a few notes or toss in another section. Also I think you should smooth the transition between SMW and YI, it has a stop and go feel to me. Hard to say though until you put in more instruments. Looking forward to seeing you on the front page.
  12. This is a great track, simply put. Its one of those songs you play over another games music. Both yellow thumbs up
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