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  1. Hey everybody, thanks for all the feedback. Finally got some inspiration to continue the mix. https://app.box.com/s/j1hz480gap8n4deuhelt - Lowered the bassdrum kick volume - Lowered the subbass volume - Lowered vinyl crackle sample volume (have yet to try out iZotope though, just wanted to try turning down the volume first) Didn't really change what I had earlier (other than volumes/production stuff) because I was pretty satisfied with it. I know how it ends right now isn't that great of an ending, so it's more like a placeholder atm, definitely going to change it. Looking forward some more
  2. Hey all! Thanks for any feedback ya give (especially production feedback). WIP: https://app.box.com/s/9d8tz0jnxjnbgb8v7pn9 source:
  3. Sounds amazing to me! Can't wait for the finished product.
  4. I can't say I remember liking the original, but this is just fantastic! It has such a great forest-y chip-y feel going for it.
  5. gratz on getting posted YEAHHHHHH!

  6. Thanks for the advice! Thanks for pointing out that the drums have too much energy - I think I've become numb to just making drums loud these days. I'll have an updated version sometime soon .
  7. Heyo, first time posting in this board. Anyways, was working on this song a week ago or so and got kinda stuck. I didn't really to just forget about it so I was thinking I could post it here and just get some general advice and maybe some ideas. http://snd.sc/16ktYQT
  8. What if you re-did the sigs so that we all have disney princesses instead of robot masters? That would teach darke not to mess with us
  9. WHOA! This is a very pleasant curveball. Thank you, DarkeSword, for making the competition as interesting as ever >
  10. Awesomesauce! Edited: 1.Drill Man 2.Pharaoh Man 3.Strike Man 4.Quick Man 5.Gemini Man
  11. cmon man why did you have to give away the twist WHY
  12. too many tgh remix reviews haha I really agree that this arrangement is amazing and the mood is something to smile about. Love it !
  13. zach72

    Pokemon MMO

    But it does! There's a mac client although it's not explained well or placed somewhere more obvious https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/174-mac-os-x-app/
  14. Definitely one of my favorites from the 2011 GRMRB, awesome to see it up and posted
  15. I agree that the piano sounds better than before, but as arceace said, it does feel a little bit weird. The ending seems a little cheesy, but everything else is pretty awesome. Keep it up owo
  16. they're making fun of his youtube channel and also his mother Great job on this mix, this is probs one of my favorites from TGH:sleepdepriv:
  17. just posting for combo break

    and of course, saying hello :D

  18. zach72

    dude rearry rate repry. you may want to consider from dsl to comcast

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