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Phase No.1 - Skeith

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Original Song:

Remix: https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/phase-no1-skeith-remix

Despite this game not being too well known (.Hack original quadrilogy for PS2), it is a very fun JRPG with a huge back story and many predecessors and followers.

This is a game series close to my heart. Though not many of the the songs in the game are memorable on their own, they do the game justice. This song stood out to me when deciding what to remix next and is one of my favorite songs and moments from the game. Enjoy.

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I'd bring out the sidechain a little more. Unless my ears are playing tricks on me, it's kind of subtle. Maybe have a punchier kick, and throw a strings synth behind the synth that comes in at 0:55 - 1:08. I like the dark trance sound overall. In my opinion, the clanking melody that comes in at 0:26 sounds cooler in comparison to the bells in the original.

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