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Ice Scream (Ristar The Shooting Star)


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Hey guys,

Let's give this another go. We were just going through some of our SEGA stuff that we put out earlier in the year and thought this track might be of interest to you. We talked about it and thought it maybe better met some of your criteria for variety etc... Anyway, looking forward to hearing what you think of it.

The Opus Science Collective Version

Thanks in advance,


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rozo already MRed
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I'm finding the dynamics to be relatively constant until 2:47. I can't tell how far along I am if I skip forwards and backwards in the track. Texturally it feels really similar throughout the whole ReMix. Overall it's a bit too bright IMO, and the mixing is a little too hot. The writing sounds good, it's just the dynamic contrast that makes this feel "one-noted" to me.

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Ugh, the mixing hurts. Tone things down a bit, sort out what's important and what its place in the mix is. The arrangement sounds rather conservative, although it has some nice dynamic changes towards the end. It gets a bit repetitive, and some more dynamic contrast would be nice and help sort out where in the track the listener is at any given time. I think the sound design has plenty of things going for it, but it's not very cohesive.

It's too repetitive, too conservative, mixing (or bits of the sound design) should be less painful, and the structure could be more clear. I don't think it's a good fit for ocr, but a) I could be wrong, and B) it's a rather nice track anyway, and wouldn't need much changed for me to enjoy it.

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