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    We're a Brighton based (UK) electronica group. We do a mixture of things from the conceptual to synth-pop. We've also been working on an album of SEGA music remakes and thought we'd join OCR and see what's going on.
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  1. Hey guys, it's been a while, but I've been busy. I've put together a 35 minute EP of Sonic The Hedgehog remixes from the 8 and 16 bit eras of Sonic called Zoned. The musical style is a blend of Electro-Funk and Retrowave with sprinklings of Chiptune. Included tracks from both 8 and 16 bit versions of Sonic The Hedgehog 1 and 2, Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Sonic Chaos. Also interweaved into this album are soundbites from the games themselves, excerpts from 90s SEGA TV commercials, and dialogue from various video game documentaries that discuss both the significance of SEGA and Sonic The Hedgehog in the history and develop of video games and video game music. Tracks remixed are: Turquoise Hill Zone (Sonic 2 - 8 bit) Sky High Zone (Sonic Chaos) Star Light Zone (Sonic 1) Hydrocity Zone (Sonic 3) Bridge Zone (Sonic 1 - 8 Bit) Spring Yard Zone (Sonic 1) Underground Zone (Sonic 2 - 8 bit) Casino Night Zone - 2 Player (Sonic 2) Chemical Plant Zone (Sonic 2) It was released in conjunction with RadioSEGA and premiered on Sunday night as part of their Winterfest. If you didn't listen to the show and/or haven't yet grabbed a download, please help yourself. https://opussciencecollective.bandcamp.com/album/zoned Have a lovely Christmas and keep gaming, fellow remixers . Steve
  2. Hey guys, been listening to lots of OSC artists of late and it's encouraged us to get back on the video game remixing after a few months away from it. Here's our newest remix, Spring Yard Zone. The original song was a sleazy verse and cheesy chorus to begin with, so we've tried to further stretch the sleaze and cheese! Ha! It's somewhere between RnB, FutureFunk and good old cheesy 80s electro Hope you enjoy it and happy remixing everyone OSC
  3. Hey guys, We teamed up with halc to make the intro theme to a new RadioSEGA show called Manic Monday. Enjoy http://opussciencecollective.bandcamp.com/track/starlight-memories-extended-mix
  4. Hey guys, a while back we made an 8/16Bit SEGA era remix album (http://opussciencecollective.bandcamp.com/album/the-magical-sound-shower-project). Well, here's our SNES effort, so people can have playground wars arguing over which album is better . Have a listen, if you like it, download it (it's free obviously), and tell your retrogaming friends . http://opussciencecollective.bandcamp.com/album/opus-science-entertainment-system In other news, there's a new show starting on Monday (31st Aug 2015) on RadioSEGA at 8pm GMT. We teamed up with Dr. halc to make the intro theme for the show, so make sure you tune in and check it out. Much love and keep gaming and making cool music fellow remixers.
  5. Hey guys, don't normally post original music on this forum, but thought you might be interested in our last EP. It's 5 tracks that combine 80s synthwave, chiptune and 90s funky house. Have a listen, hope you like it http://opussciencecollective.bandcamp.com/album/i-wish-my-car-was-a-transformer
  6. Sorry guys, just a polite bump in case this one has slipped through the net .
  7. Hey guys, Let's give this another go. We were just going through some of our SEGA stuff that we put out earlier in the year and thought this track might be of interest to you. We talked about it and thought it maybe better met some of your criteria for variety etc... Anyway, looking forward to hearing what you think of it. The Opus Science Collective Version Thanks in advance, OSC
  8. Cheers man. Much appreciated. It's interesting what you say about the brass as we intended the brass to kind of sound like an HD version of the brass sounds you'd get on the SNES. So I know what you mean, there is a GM quality to them for sure. Perhaps not for the better . But thanks again for the clarification and the link. Will read up further. It's very interesting to have work properly critiqued, and obviously it would be nice to get a track or two listed on the site. Between supporting/giving something back to the retro gaming community and raising our own profile a little, it can only be a good thing. If we think we have something, or make something that we think would better suit the OCR style, we'll post it up. Once again, massive thanks for the time you've taken to look at this. This experience has been extremely helpful and brought much clarity to our previously confused understanding of exactly how OCR works and what it looks for from artist submissions. If you've ever got some spare time and fancy listening to some SEGA remixes/remakes, by all means check out our SoundCloud page. I imagine you're very busy, but if you ever listen to it and think there's anything worth putting forward for a Mod Review, by all means say so. All the best, OSC The Magical Sound Shower Project
  9. Brilliant! Thank you very much for your feedback. Pretty new to the whole OCR thing, so it's nice to get a better understanding of how things work and what it is you're after. Interesting. The synth sounds I think you're referring to were created using a Roland Super JV1080. Don't know if you know it, but it's from the early 90s and has got a lot of tone palettes that are based on the old Juno and Jupiter as well as others such as the 101 and more. The bass and lead lines are from this. There's a Novation Ultranova in there on some sounds and a Nord Electro 2 for the electric piano. The drums are a mixture of Native Instrument Battery samples and some we've harvested over the years. The reverb is a convolution reverb of an old Lexicon Digital reverb unit from the 80s (a large plate setting). Thanks man Agreed. It is a simple structure. Love the chorus on this song a lot! And therefore could happily just jam along to the chorus all day. I guess this was our thinking. When we've made video game music in the past, we tend to work to the ethos of pay homage to the awesome composition as opposed to try and make it too much our own with more extreme arrangement and things. I think we worry we might detract too much from the original perhaps? I guess this is kind of a different approach to the Remix philosophy. Perhaps it's more like re-imagined as opposed to remixed...? That said, we have done more diverse video game remakes where the arrangement is much more tinkered with and varied including some medleys of sorts. Might stick some of these up at some point in the future. Would be interesting to get your opinion on them. Also nearly finished a track from Yoshi's Island that's perhaps a little more "out there". When there's not so much to go in the original track, you're forced to explore more aren't you... So we might run a few older tracks past you guys as well the Yoshi's Island track we're working on in the future at some point. The feedback is very insightful. Even if not looking to get on OCR per-se, it's helpful as you're basically a totally objective pair of ears with the position to speak frankly and from a point of knowledge and understanding. So many thanks for taking the time to feed back to us on this. It's very much appreciated and we shall look back through our work and see if there is anything that might better take your fancy. Warmest regards, OSC
  10. Hey guys, Here's our take on Silence from F-Zero. It's part of an album project called The Opus Science Entertainment System that we're working on. An album of SNES music remakes/remixes. It's the flip side to our SEGA album we did. Anyway, I'm sticking it up for Mod Review. But if anyone else has any thoughts, critiques etc, please feel free to comment. Thanks and enjoy, OSC SoundCloud
  11. 80s Synthpop style remixes! Now this I can dig! - Big gated reverb on your drums - Check! - Fat Synth Pads - Check! - Very rich and textured Bass - Check! - Massive reverb tails - Check! - Bright pads floating around up the back - Check! - Bright top line with possible FM characteristics - Check! - Ridiculously fast arpeggiator in places - Check! - Great lead line synth tone - Check! - Some tasty little synth licks that embellish the melody - Check! Great work man! This is very fat and epic in proportion. The Sonic Sound effects are obviously a lovely touch and the ending is great too. If you're into 80s stuff like this, can I recommend checking out a guy called Mitch Murder. He's on SoundCloud, just search his name. His stuff is basically the textbook on how to make 80s retro synthpop in a modern context. He's incredible. Where his stuff would differ, would be allowing the gates to stay open longer, having a brighter reverb tail and pulling your low-mid synth pad down around the 1K mark to give things room to breathe more. Personally, you don't need to do this. It's just a different approach to a similar end goal.
  12. Blimey! This track's got some serious funk! Loving it mate! Really nice choice of synth tones. The bass is Phat with a capital "P"! Interesting dynamic changes. You keep it interesting. This is great. Very tight and punchy mix too. Not too bright, nice and punchy! Good work buddy.
  13. So much awesomeness in this track! Really refreshing to hear a cover of this style. You done any more like this?
  14. This tune is full of feel good. Really liking the glitchy/bit-crushed sounds. It's got some very nice bounce. Side-chaining done properly, not overdone like you often hear. Very nice choice of supportive synth tones too. The synths that come in at times to support the lead line. It's a very nice touch. The mix is punchy and full bodied without sounding over compressed and your levels are good. Nothing is lost or overwhelming. And the ending! Wow! Dead stop! Love it! Great track mate.
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