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Castlevania Aria of Sorrow - Dracula's Servants (completed)

Is this mix ready to go?  

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  1. 1. Is this mix ready to go?

    • Yes, definitely
    • It's very close, but still not quite
    • You have a long ways to go

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Here's a mix with a long history, based on the Inner Quarters from Aria of Sorrow. This remix was submitted a long while ago to VGMix, and even though it didn't receive many hits I was still happy to get this one done after so many revisions. An older version of this was submitted to OCR in late 2004 and got two rejections. This one is completely different, and so I consider it to be a new remix.

It's pretty much done, but my biggest worry is that it's on the short side, like 2:30 in length. But I've seen arrangements that short being passed before, so this could still make the cut. I'd like to know if it's ready for the OCR front page before I go ahead and send it to the panel.




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while i can't really offer much in the way of technical suggestion or praise i will say this song was a joy to listen to and i personally believe this is ready to submit. sounds much better than your predecessors. This track is truely glorious and is now apart of my CV library. I would say it could use and extension to 3:00 but it doesn't necessarily need it. Thumbs up in my book

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Heh, I probably heard every single revision of this song and its predecessors. :)

Sounds really good, although it is on the short side. Maybe you could insert a nifty break with some (mostly?) original material to add some more length.

Good luck with getting it past the judges!

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Personally, I think it often doesn't sound like it flows well all together. This won't be able to get through the judging process as it stands right now. Mostly, this song needs more polish. And I think you could add some extra atmosphere too by doing certain things.

It has a lot of potential, but you're not quite there yet.

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