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  1. Personally, I think it often doesn't sound like it flows well all together. This won't be able to get through the judging process as it stands right now. Mostly, this song needs more polish. And I think you could add some extra atmosphere too by doing certain things. It has a lot of potential, but you're not quite there yet.
  2. This is a great remix. I don't really remember how the original song went, since it's been so long since I played the game. But I remember it has kick ass music. Not as kick ass as this song though. It's a very upbeat song, but it doesn't sound too happy. Too happy is a turnoff. This one is just right.
  3. Great remix! I especially dig the guitars (then again, I LOVE guitar songs). The drums sound a bit simplistic though, but that's the only complaint and it's not a big one.
  4. I like listening to this remix when i'm writing. Okay, more when i'm writing the darker moments and chapters. And also for training sessions among bad guys. Anyway, this remix is just like a much improved version of the original. It's enjoyable to just listen to, and it would also fit perfectly into the game. I think it's too bad that the game isn't as good as the other Metroid-like Castlevania games, because the music in the game is great. More songs from this game need to be remixed, and I hope all of them will be at least this good.
  5. I didn't like it the first few times I heard it. But I heard it a couple of times coming by on my playlist... and then it hit me. This song is really good. The only reason I decided to check out this song was because a cousin of mine played the game from start to finish. Anyway... i'm glad he did. The song gets only better and better as it progresses too. First I didn't like it that the best is saved 'til last. But well... I tried playing just the best parts, and didn't enjoy it as much. It's like chocolate cookies. They taste so well because there's only a bit of chocolate in it. If you eat only the chocolate from it, they don't taste nearly as good.
  6. The original version of this song is one of my lesser liked songs from Sonic 3D. But this one is much better than the original one. Not only is it great for just listening, it would also fit perfectly with the game (I tried playing the stage while playing this song too). It takes a bit long before it starts. But I don't think it would sound right if it would be any shorter.
  7. This remix is really good. It starts off nice and quiet, and right after that it streams fluently into the rocking piece that it now is. For most songs there's a few things i'd like to see some things improved, but this one is perfect just the way it is. I really like the voice samples too, but I can imagine people not liking it.
  8. Hello... you people. Anyway, i'm new here and this my first post. I registered because i've been visiting the site for a couple of months already, and the I was bored. I registered for a writing forum not too long ago... but it died a week later. Now, about 2 months later I got bored so I registered for this forum. Short introduction: Real name: Ramon Age: 20 Looks: Very handsome Characteristics: Idealistic, a bit odd, can kill threads with a single post, arrogant, intelligent, sometimes ignorant, often gets in arguements... arr... that's all I can think of right now. Anyway... *heads of to review section*
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