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My new remix, and my first remix I'm submitting to OC Remix.

Opinion about the Mix.  

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Hey yo, this is Red Rum, I made a few remixes at VGMix.com such as "Bridge - Final Encounter", and a few others, I have extensively tried to improve my remixing skills and it seems I did, so I figured to submit a Remix on OC. You only got 7 days to d/l it and only 25 downloads, because the host I got for it is crap... Well, I remix Streets of Rage music, I'm a big fan of the Streets of Rage game and especially the OST, This one I call "The Lost Soul Survivor", it's a combination mix of Stage 8 in Streets of Rage and Stage 8 in Streets of Rage 2 and I tried to combine some of the elements from a hip-hop song called "Soul Survivor" by Young Jeezy and Akon and I figured it would go together well and my opinion is that it did, but your opinions count more than mine. So, enjoy the remix and give me some feedback on what you think of the remix...

Click on the link below:


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My overall impression of this song is that its very unpolished. The second I heard the bass I knew that was the Boobass, and I can hear a little FX thing in the background included with FL. The drums are weak and have no punch, the scratching is really annoying and unnecessary, if you want scratching no one just does that sound, get a real DJ to do stuff, I think there are a couple on this forum. The synths are extremely lo-fi, the strings are terribly bland, and the piano is extremely weak. Getting up to a professional level of doing stuff can be tough, and it usually happens in little spurts at a time. You need to either get quality samples, get a nice VSTi or two, and just browse production boards like this one and others to get ideas as to what goes into a good track.

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strange... lately the remixers are choosing many musics that I wished for so long to get a remix from... :D

down to business... it sound as a very early remix. it feels empty... it have very little moments when it gets a better overall result, like

0:00-0:57 - boring intro, i'm afraid to say

0:58-1:35 - too timid melody... I'd to make an effort to hear it

1:36-2:14 - now it got better, but it still was pretty mush always the same... what about adding up something as it keeps going? a new instrument or something like it...

the rest is like the previous pieces...

also, I think you shuld add custom melodies somewhere... your very own work and style!

and give the music some life... some beat and many instruments altogether, that kind of thing that catch the attention!

keep improving, and I'll keep listening! ;)

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