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OCR03048 - *YES* Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 'Wistful'


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ReMixer: Chimpazilla

game remixed: Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess

name of arrangement: 'Wistful'

themes remixed: Midna's Lament (with: Saria's Song, Zelda's Lullaby, Song of Storms, SS Goddess Theme, TP Hyrule Field theme)


The song title 'Wistful' really says it all about how I was feeling when I wrote this. Writing this piece was theraputic for a sad mood.

I'm always amazed how easily the Zelda themes go together without having to alter them too much. There are six sources here, all quite easily identifiable. Midna's Lament remains the dominant source throughout.

I don't play piano yet (although I am taking lessons!), so this track is all hand-sequenced. I tried my best to make it flow naturally, and I got lots of good critiques and advice. I feel like it still sounds a bit mechanical (and the track is somewhat sparse, which doesn't allow "mechanical" to hide), so if it does sound mechanical, I'm hopeful that the arrangement makes up for it.

Source use:

0:00-0:43 Midna (piano)

0:43-1:08 Midna (harp), Saria (piano, harp flourishes)

1:08-1:33 Midna (piano/pizz cello sharing the backing arp), ZL (piano), SoS (harp)

1:33-1:58 Midna (pizz cello playing backing arp), second half of Saria (piano), ZL (pizz viola plus glock)

1:58-2:08 original transition

2:08-2:14 Midna (piano playing backing arp)

2:14-2:39 Midna (piano arp, interpreted), Goddess (harp, with viola/cello cameos)

2:39-3:04 same as above, but with piano lead playing Midna and SoS melodies combined into one melody

3:04-3:23 same as above, but piano is playing TP Hyrule Field (0:27-0:40 in TPHF source)

3:23-end Midna (piano and harp)

Excluding the ten second original transition in the middle, remix is 96% source.


Zelda's Lullaby (OoT)

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Very nice. Rearrangement is deep . . . the source tunes are easily identifiable but newly realized. Production is clean. You've paid careful attention to the full spectrum (all I notice is a subtle middy resonance in the intro piano, though the warmth is nice). So many details interspersed. Smooth vocal swells, interplay between lines, slick production tricks. Transition @ :45 is ace. Vibe is cool but moody . . . Ending is super chill

Some of the arp patterns are mechanical


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The soundscape sounded pretty lossy/muddy from the jump. The piano timing also sounded stiff to start, but that was mitigated when more elements were added at :32. Not the strongest intro in that respect.

I liked the sound of things after :45's transition more. Still not sure why the soundscape was murky like this, but I wasn't digging that. "Zelda's Theme" also didn't fit comfortably in here alongside "Midna's Theme," but the other theme cameos clicked fine IMO.

Good conclusion, though the final note tailing off longer may have been a good idea.

Every idea for the arrangement from 2:09-on was fun, and I enjoyed the subtle additions and subtractions throughout. Overall, the production issues I had weren't nearly enough to consider not taking it, when the arrangement was so strong.


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Twinkly and chimey all round. Your transitions between the strong source tune representation here are quite subtle and do the job well. It seems this is primarily a piano piece with some accompanying instruments that vary over time. Because the piano plays such a central role, I would have liked to see it less rigid as far as the playing goes (most noticeable in the intro), but the great variation in velocity and tone largely compensates for that.

I've had to listen a couple of times to pick up the subtleties of this mix, the different accompanying instruments that are brought in and out add nice flavour and originality throughout. I did wish some sections built up further/fuller than what is seen here, but it is only a minor crit and I understand the track is trying to keep things light, so I can appreciate that.

Production wise things feel clean enough and audible to me.

Overall a nice whimsical piece with attention to detail.


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I hope I don't have to give any sort of truly meaningful analysis on the source usage, because really all I can say is that I heard everything and it was there and you used it and it was elaborated upon properly. #runonsentence

Anyways. Definitely a very dreamy feel, mix is plenty clean, piano could stand to be humanized a bit more, but that's not going to stop this one from going through. Really, anything else I say here is just a formality, so let's cut the noise and give a verdict. :lol:


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