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OCR Pathfinder - Who wants to play?


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Oh, look, D&D (sort of?)

I don't know how close Pathfinder is to D&D, but probably different enough from 5e for me to be hesitant about joining in (I recently started playing 5e—or any D&D—for the first time ever a few weeks ago here at school), and the time that we play (or when I'm in class for Mondays) looks like around the time you guys are playing.

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Alright! Thank you to those who joined me for our first session. I hope you enjoyed it - particularly the new players. For our future sessions we will of course spend more time actually playing and less creating characters, but hey, killing 6 goblins and subduing their king... not bad. Everyone gets 300 experience points, so please write that down.

For our next session in this adventure I'll be making use of the grid; I just skipped that in the interest of time, and to keep things moving along since we only had about an hour and a half to play the beginning of the dungeon.

For next session: Please go over your character sheets and make sure everything is in order. Make sure all your skill #s are properly modified by abilities for example; remember that 10-11 of an ability is a 0 mod, 12-13 = +1, 14-15 = +2, 16-17 = +3, etc. Also make sure you have your attack rolls / damage rolls written down for fast reference, plus your AC. If you have ANY questions at all just post and I'd be happy to help.

Again, hope everyone had fun. I'd be up for playing again sometime this week perhaps on a weeknight if you're up for it!

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I definitely had plenty of fun. Glad I decided to join in. Sorry for holding up the start of the game a bit; I'm a bit on the slow side when getting things set up. And of course thanks to zircon for hosting.

I'd be more than happy to play again whenever everyone else is able (minus Wednesday and Friday night). Just give me a day and time, I'll be there.

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I have to say that force feeding a goblin king forbidden water was one of the most fun things I've done so far in D&D.

EDIT: Oh...we also have this garbage:

25 gp

2 half-eaten lizards

2 Shortswords

Small ruby

Vial of orange liquid (consistency of soda)

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I'm on a job site at the moment, so I'm pretty much working until 6:00 or 7:00 PM Eastern every day from now until Friday (the 31st, I mean, not tomorrow). That Friday is a wash because I'm flying home that evening, but I should be free pretty much all day on Saturday. I don't have a schedule for anything after that yet, so I don't know if I'll be free on Sunday or I'll be flying out somewhere else.

Incidentally, I didn't bring my headset with me on the road, so I won't be able to do voice chat like we did last time. However, I've gotten a new laptop, and I think this thing has a webcam, so I might be able to do it that way instead.

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