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Sonic 2 - Planet Oil


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Out of curiosity, where did you hear the clip used?

Thank you! Very cool remix ^^. :nicework:

I found the clip in YTMND while searching in Google for: "oil ocean remix" ocremix. I believe this is the link: http://ytmnd.com/sites/profile/224803. Even though he didn't refer the source of sound in the video details he does in the video comments, so that's how I got its name.

Thanks once more! This should be in OCRemix by the way :-D

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I had a listen, and this honestly would have sounded right at home with Hedgehog Heaven. (Although, you have to give it up for analoq's "Oil Spill".

Maybe it's because my headphones have awesome bass, but I like this song. Granted, it is a tad repetitive, and it is a little close to a source, even if it's an Arabian spin off.

Come on, you two did amazing work. Sadorf with "Aquatic Project" (And it's subsequent follow-up, Aquatic Project Edit 2, >.>) from Hedgehog Heaven and GeckoYamori with "Elevator Music" from Project Chaos (Awesome, might I add.) This song is good, but you can spice it up just a little bit. I'm going to have to give you the thumbs down on this one.

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I know, major necro. But... Well, I was listening through the Mega Torrent and didn't hear this one come by, although I could've sworn I downloaded it from here back in the days. Guess I was wrong eh? Is there any chance you might revisit this one day? I think Oil Ocean deserves some more love and thise one grooves so nice :)

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